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Popular HP Articles for 2002

HP’s iPAQ 5400 Series Pocket PC: Bluetooth and WiFi

Updated HP's upcoming iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 Series combines a fast processor, fabulous color screen, built-in Bluetooth and 802.11b, and biometric security. What more could you ask for?

REVIEW: HP iPaq 1910

The HP iPaq 1910 is all about being small and having good form, while at the same time being very functional. My goal in this review is to help[...]

First Thoughts: HP iPaq 5450 Overview

We all know that saying about life and money, you get what you pay for, although usually it s used in a negative sense it can still apply[...]

First Thoughts: HP iPaq 1910 Overview

Today I got my hands on the HP iPaq 1910, one of the two new iPaq devices from HP, and am able to put forth some initial thoughts on this[...]

REVIEW: Toshiba e740 Initial thoughts (Pics, Specs)

I'm not one to say that any particular Pocket PC device has a huge advantage over any other, but my initial reaction to the Toshiba e740 is that it has[...]

HP confirms the release of the iPAQ H1900 (Picture)

The entry-level Pocket PC market is moving into the hot and heavy stage as a handful of manufacturers prep PDA's for November/December releases. HP will not be denied, bringing to[...]

What’s Next for the iPAQ?

HP has officially dumped the Jornada. Now the only question that remains is, what's next for the iPAQ? We just may have a few answers.

New HP iPAQ 3935 and 3970 on the way – UPDATE – HP will release a 2000 and 5000 series PDA too

In a surprising twist, details have been leaked onto our discussion baords regarding these new iPAQ devices. This rumor comes only weeks after HP shelved almost all of their announced[...]

Future iPAQ to Include Folding Keyboard?

Hewlett Packard developed a prototype handheld that includes an integrated folding keyboard.

UPDATE – New picture and specs of the HP iPAQ h5400

We have obtained more details on the high-end HP device. Thanks to a few emails and pictures from the FCC, we have a very good idea what the new HP[...]

News from Comdex Fall 2002

Dell and HP launch new Pocket PCs; PalmSource announces a new Palm OS licensee; and much more

Rumor Mill: New iPAQs are coming!

Pictures of rumored upcoming iPAQ models are just beginning to surface. Here's what we know so far.

HP comfirms two new iPAQ PDA’s to be released Monday (new pictures)

As previously reported, HP has been working on two new PDA's. One to meet the competitive entry-level and one to meet the needs of power users. They have now confirmed[...]

Rumor Mill: HP readies ultra-thin iPAQ h1900

HP is set to release a new mid-range model, the iPAQ h1900, though little is known about the device at this time.

HP Confirms Mid-Range and High-End iPAQ Plans

HP plans to release two iPAQs before the holiday season: a thin and light mid-range model and a high-end one with 802.11 and Bluetooth.

REVIEW: Toshiba e740

The Toshiba e740, released to the world last month, is one of two XScale processor featured PDAs on the market (the HP iPaq 3900 series being the other PDA enhanced[...]

Details of the new HP iPAQ PDA’s slipping out Update!

We've added two new HP iPAQ's to the system, the iPAQ 3950 and the iPAQ 3970. The main difference is a bit more memory in the 3970 and integrated Bluetooth[...]

HP iPaq 3900 Series Released

HP has released it's first iPaq following the merger with Compaq. The design is exactly the same, but you will get the XScale processor, a better screen and a[...]

Review – HP iPAQ h1910

Somehow the guys over at Canada Pocket PC have managed to get their hands on an iPAQ h1910. They've posted a pretty good review that you should definitely check out[...]

Video of the new HP iPAQ 5450 and h1910

CNet has a great video featuring the new iPAQ h5450 and h1910. Cindy Box, director of marketing, Hewlett-Packard, demos the units including the biometric scanner.