HSPA 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular HSPA Articles for 2005

iPAQ hw6500 Coming in April (Updated)

As promised, HP is showing off its next cellular-wireless Pocket PC at the 3GSM World Congress. It has also revealed some new details on this device.

Pocket PC Phone with 802.11g Demoed

At this week's 3GSM World Congress, Chi Mei Communication Systems is showing off a cellular-wireless Pocket PC with some advanced features.

New Evidence palmOne May License Windows Mobile (Updated)

A comment made today at the 3GSM World Congress added fuel to the speculation that palmOne is going to use Windows Mobile for some future models.

Pictures Emerge of the new HP iPAQ hw6500 (Mobile Messenger)

As we told you in early January, HP is working on a replacement to the poorly designed iPAQ h6315. According to rumors, the new iPAQ hw6500 is going to be[...]

Rumor – palmOne to License Windows Mobile

This rumor was popular a few months back, but it now has new life for legitimate reasons. At the 3GSM World Congress, Peter Knook, the product manager for Windows Mobile,[...]

GSPDA Announces the Xplore M68 Smartphone for Europe and North America

At the 3GSM World Congress today, PalmSource and GSPDA announced the Xplore M68 Smartphone. The M68 features the Palm OS (5.4), a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and an SD card[...]