HSPA 2006 SmartPhone Articles

Popular HSPA Articles for 2006

T-Mobile USA On Track for 3G Rollout

T-Mobile USA was the big winner in the FCC's wireless spectrum auction that just wrapped up. This carrier was able to get significant amounts of new spectrum, a necessary step[...]

Possible First Pictures of the Treo 750

The first images have been leaked of what appears to be a one of the upcoming smartphones from Palm, Inc. These go a long way toward corroborating numerous rumors that[...]

Rumored “Hollywood” Treo Doesn’t Exist

Last November, a report from Sagio Investments described two new Treo smartphones to be launched this year, including one code-named "Hollywood," described as a thinner, antenna-less 3G Treo designed for[...]

Is this the Nokia E90?

Recently, some very sketchy details have emerged on what might be a future cellular-wireless handheld from Nokia.

Mobile Tech News – Treo “Hollywood” photos, Treo push email, Axim dead?

Photos, reports on upcoming Treo smartphone Treo 700w likely to get push email on or about April 26 Report: Dell to desist making new handhelds

Palm, Vodafone Pre-announce GSM Windows Mobile Treo

It can't exactly be called an official announcement, but Palm and Vodafone have given the first indication that a Windows Mobile-based Treo will be coming to the international giant's GSM[...]

Cingular Unveils New 3G Windows Mobile Smartphone

Cingular Wireless has just announced that it will begin offering the Samsung BlackJack later this week. This will be a slim Windows Mobile Smartphone with a built-in keyboard and support[...]

The Latest on the Motorola Q Pro

Some images and new details of what is supposedly an upcoming Windows Mobile Smartphone have appeared on the Web.

Best Look So Far at HTC’s Next ”Uber” Device

New pictures are available of what is supposedly an upcoming cellular-wireless handheld from HTC with a unique design.

Samsung’s Next UMPC Will Offer HSDPA

Since introducing one of the first ultra-mobile PCs, Samsung has announced several refinements to this models. The latest of these, called the Q1P, will offer support for high-speed HSDPA cellular-wireless[...]

HTC Athena Will Almost Be a UMPC

Over the last week or so, details have been emerging on HTC's next big device. According to the latest unconfirmed information, the Athena will be "big" in several senses[...]

Cingular Now Offering Two New Windows Mobile Devices

The Cingular 8525 and BlackJack are now available from Cingular Wireless. Both of these run Windows Mobile, but one is a Pocket PC phone while the other is a WM[...]

The Revolution Will Be Unwired

In this week's editorial, Adama Brown discusses the effect the next-generation of the wireless Internet will have on mobile devices.

Smartphone News from the 3GSM World Congress (Hands on With the iPAQ hw6900 and Samsung i320)

I had the opportunity to do a quick whirlwind visit at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. I was able to spend some time hands on with an HP[...]

Treo 750 Gets FCC Approval

Palm has received the government approval it needs to introduce its latest Windows Mobile-based smartphone in the U.S.

Samsung Demoing 3G Windows Mobile Smartphone

The IFA 2006 conference is going on now in Germany, and Samsung is there with the SGH-i600, an upcoming Windows Mobile Smartphone that will offer both Wi-Fi b/g and HSDPA.

UMTS Version of Motorola Q Announced

Hopefully laying to rest earlier rumors that there wouldn't be a GSM version of the Motorola Q, the company officially announced that a GSM/GPRS version with support for UMTS would[...]

Cingular 8525 Announced but Not Released

Cingular Wireless confirmed today that it will soon begin offering a new Pocket PC phone with 3G cellular-wireless networking and a built-in keyboard.

Samsung Announces i600 WM Smartphone

Samsung has officially announced the i600, its latest Windows Mobile Smartphone, which will offer support for 3G cellular-wireless networking.

Companies Pushing the Limits in Mobile Technologies

Recently, two companies have announced that they have made significant improvements in technologies that can be used in future mobile devices.