HTC 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular HTC Articles for 2003

T-Mobile to Release Updated Pocket PC Phone

T-Mobile Germany has announced plans to offer a version of the xda II, which runs the Phone Edition of Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC. This model will be[...]

MDA II Pocket PC Phone Gets FCC Approval

FCC approval adds to the growing evidence that the MDA II Pocket PC phone will be released in the United States.

Overview – mmO2 XDA II

The first review of O2's new XDA II has been posted so it seemed appropriate to update the specs and provide a quick overview of this PDA/phone that will surely[...]

BrightBytes™: TG50, HP Update, O2 XDA, and More

Looks like the Sony TG50 wil be released in March, HP has released a patch that fixes an underclocking problem with its recent ROM update for the h3950 and h3955,[...]

PDA News – New XDA 2, PocketPCs by Mitac, wireless Alphasmart Dana

O2 plans to release new XDA II Mitac plans $199 PPCs Dana to get WiFi, SDIO

RumorMill™: First Picture of xda II Pocket PC Phone

A picture of O2’s upcoming wireless-enabled handheld, the xda II, has been posted on several websites..

PDA News – New Mobile Intel Chips, AT&T Smartphone Coming, New Palm Zire?

Intel has officially confirmed their PXA255 chips and announced a few more AT&T is working with HTC to bring a new Smartphone to market Rumors are leaking regarding[...]

PDA News – iPaq fixes, XDA 2 photos, Color Blackberry

Bug fixes for iPaq 5400 WLAN, 3900 SD slot German site shows XDA 2 Color Blackberry for sale in U.S.

T-Mobile Announces New Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition PDA

To follow-up on their reasonably successful MDA (same as the XDA in Europe), T-Mobile has announced the next generation device with built-in camera and a few other upgrades.

PDA News – AOL 9 Syncs, e740 ROM update, Pumatech buys SponTec

America Online version 9 syncs to Palm and PocketPC Toshiba bugfixes for e740 Pumatech aquires Spontaneous Technology, Inc. Proporta hardcase for XDA Tapwave confirms Zodiac[...]

Audiovox Showing Off Their PPC5050 – Successor to Their Thera PPC Phone

MobileMag has obtained pictures of the new Audiovox PPC5050 being shown off at the 5th Annual Wireless Internet Conference. It looks very similar to the second generation XDA by O2[...]