HTC 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular HTC Articles for 2005

Audiovox SMT5600 Windows SmartPhone Review

The Audiovox SMT5600 (as sold in the U.S., it is also known as the Orange SPV C500, HTC Typhoon, Qtek 8010, Dopod 565 and i-mate Smarpthone 3 in other countries)[...]

First Clamshell VGA Pocket PC Phone Unveiled

T-Mobile Germany has just taken the wraps off the MDA IV, the first cellular-wireless Pocket PC to include a VGA screen.

Carriers Confirm Some Details on Clamshell Pocket PC Phone

Two more European wireless carriers have said they will offer versions of the HTC Universal, and the details they revealed confirm many of the earlier rumors about this Pocket PC.

HTC Univeral – The First 3G Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA

HTC has announced plans to release the much anticipated Universal model, complete with 3G, built in keyboard, dual cameras, rotating screen and dual seakers. The HTC Universal will run the[...]

T-Mobile Germany Announces the MDA IV Windows Mobile Smartphone

The MDA IV will be declared by some as the perfect PDA/phone combo unit. It features a swivel screen, integrated keyboard, and support for GSM, GPRS, UTMS, WiFi and Bluetooth.[...]

HTC Universal on Track for Q3 Release

HTC is expected to begin volume production soon of one of the most highly anticipated Pocket PCs of this year.

PDA News – Axim X51v photos, SonyEricsson P950 pics & specs, i-mate launches Universal

User purports photos of Axim X51v Leaked pics, specs of SE P950 i-mate offers HTC Universal

First Thoughts – Sprint PPC-6700

The Sprint PPC 6700, also known as the HTC Apache, is the newest PocketPC phone available on the Sprint network. Featuring Bluetooth, WiFi, EVDO, and Windows Mobile 5.0, we take[...]

Sprint PCS Launches the PPC-6700 Smartphone

Sprint PCS has quietly launched the PPC-6700. It's available now to business customers at $480, which is an aggressive price considering alternatives. The Sprint PCS PPC-6700 is their branded version[...]

HTC First to Announce Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC

HTC has confirmed that Windows Mobile 5.0 will be the operating system used on its upcoming cutting-edge cellular-wireless handheld.

T-Mobile to Offer More HTC Models (Tornado, Wizard, Universal/MDA Pro)

T-Mobile is looking to move into a better position with their Smartphone and PDA offerings. They are rumored to soon be carrying several HTC designs including the HTC Wizard, Universal[...]

PDA News – Palm Bluetooth Keyboard, Treo 650 on Cingular, Bluetooth Headphones

Palm OS drivers for ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard Reports: Cingular to launch Treo 650 on January 26th Hack allows HP Bluetooth headphones to work on Dell, HTC New[...]

Release Date Slips for HTC Universal Clamshell Pocket PC Phone

T-Mobile Germany moving back when its version of the HTC Universal will be released is a strong indication that all versions of this device won't be[...]

PDA News – HTC Prophet, Palm TX hack, Cingular drops Motorola Q?

HTC Prophet unveiled Graffiti 1 hack for the Palm TX Report: Cingular drops plans for Moto Q?

HTC Preparing 4 GB Windows Mobile Phone

HTC is reportedly developing a Windows Mobile phone that will have 4 GB of Flash storage and a strong focus on audio playback.

PDA News – 4 GB PocketPC phone, Palm buyout rumors, Gartner predicts record sales

Report: HTC prepping 4 GB PPC phone Rumor: RIM considering Palm buyout Gartner predicts record year for PDA sales

CTIA – Smartphones Galore, Which One is the Best?

At the CTIA show this week, Smartphones and software geared toward these devices took center stage. The Sprint PPC-6700, Motorola Q, Motorola i930, Palm Treo 700w, HTC Universal, Samsung i300,[...]

HTC Wizard Coming to Market

Several rumors have been reported surrounding the latest Windows Mobile Smartphone from HTC. The Wizard replaces the popular HTC Magician, aka T-Mobile MDA Compact, i-mate JAM, etc. The Wizard is[...]

PDA News – WiFi smartphones, Cingular rumors, Google WiFi?

Qtek smartphones: now with 100% more WiFi Rumor: HTC Wizard to debut on Cingular October 24th Rampant speculation: Google to build nationwide WiFi net?

PDA News – Handheld sales numbers, 4 GB SD card, HTC Wizard pics and specs

Handheld sales: Palm even, HP down, Dell up Pretec shipping 4 GB SD card Pics, specs of HTC Wizard models