HTC 2008 SmartPhone Articles

Popular HTC Articles for 2008

HTC Touch Diamond Review

The HTC Touch Diamond is loaded with high-end features, but it is targeted at people upgrading from standard mobile phones. According to Brighthand's Ed Hardy, it is "the[...]

T-Mobile G1 Review

The T-Mobile G1 is the first smartphone with Android, Google's new operating system for mobile devices. Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief brings us a review.

iPhone vs. Android: a Study in Contrasts

Apple's iPhone OS and Google's Android OS have a great deal in common; both are Linux-based operating systems for smartphones. But Ed Hardy's latest editorial discusses the dramatic differences[...]

Palm Treo Pro Review

Palm's latest smartphone runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro and offers 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and more. Antoine Wright brings us this review.

HTC Touch Diamond Preview

Although HTC Touch Diamond is not yet available, Ed Hardy has been been given a preview of it by HTC, and brings us his first impressions.

HTC Diamond Coming Next Month?

HTC plans to show off some of its upcoming smartphones next month, and the device many are guessing will be unveiled is the replacement for the very popular HTC Touch.[...]

HTC Touch Pro for Sprint Review

The HTC Touch Pro is a consumer-oriented smartphone merged with a business-oriented one to create a generally harmonious whole. Adama D. Brown brings us this review.

HTC Touch Dual Review

Adama Brown brings us a review of the latest version of the HTC Touch Dual, a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone which includes the 3G frequencies used in N. America.

Verizon SMT5800 Smartphone Review

One of Verizon Wireless' Windows Mobile smartphones is the SMT5800, which includes 3G and both a keyboard and numberpad. Adama D. Brown brings us this review.

HTC Shift Review

The HTC Shift is this company's first UMPC. It comes with a high price tag, but this relatively small and light device is packed with features like 3G cellular-wireless networking.[...]

HTC Touch Diamond Now Official

The HTC Touch Diamond is no longer just a rumor; the successor to the original HTC Touch it has been officially unveiled at an event in London.

HTC Advantage Review

Adama D. Brown brings us a review of the HTC Advantage X7501, a very high-end device that combines the features of a laptop, handheld, and smartphone.

Verizon XV6900 Review

The Verizon XV6900 is a 3G Windows Mobile device with an emphasis on its touchscreen. Adama Brown brings us a review of this smartphone, which is based on the HTC[...]

Verizon Unlocking the GPS on Some Windows Mobile Smartphones

Verizon Wireless has promised to unlock the GPS on some of its recent Windows Mobile devices so they can use third-party navigation software.

Windows Mobile 6.1 Is MIA

With the largest mobile phone-related tradeshow of the year going on now in Barcelona, Microsoft had been widely expected to unveil Windows Mobile 6.1 this week. However, it's clear this[...]

AT&T Fuze Review

The AT&T Fuze is the latest business-oriented Windows Mobile smartphone to come from this carrier. It offers an impressive list of features, including a built-in keyboard, VGA touchscreen, 3G, and[...]

HTC Touch Diamond for Sprint Review

Sprint recently released the Touch Diamond, a consumer-oriented smartphone with a VGA screen, 4 GB of storage, and EV-DO. Antoine Wright brings us a review of this Windows Mobile device.

T-Mobile G1 Preview

T-Mobile took the wraps off the first Android-powered smartphone yesterday, and Brighthand's Ed Hardy was at the press conference to get a first-hand look at this device.

Android 1.0 Will Have Bluetooth, Won’t Have GoogleTalk

Google and the Open Handset Alliance, the group behind the Android OS, have given a status update on two features in this upcoming mobile operating system.

HTC Touch Dual Preview

HTC announced last week that it will soon begin directly selling the Touch Dual to consumers in the United States. The company also had this Windows Mobile smartphone on display[...]