HTC 2014 SmartPhone Articles

Popular HTC Articles for 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One (M8): Which is Android’s Current King?

The competition has gotten fierce, but the two highest-profile Android phones of 2014 still come from Samsung and HTC. Which flagship should new smartphone shoppers choose? We break it all[...]

HTC One M8 Review: Head of the Class

On paper, the HTC One M8 is a flagship Android smartphone with few, if any, equals. But does that praise hold up with the device in hand? Find out in[...]

Is It Worth Upgrading to the HTC One (M8)? Readers React

We found the HTC One (M8) to be an all-around excellent device, but a few of you have now chimed in with your takes on HTC's newest hero phone. Here's[...]

HTC One (M8) Harman Kardon Edition Review: The Sound of Sprint

Designed as a high-end phone for audiophiles, the HTC One (M8) Harman Kardon edition is a great concept, but proves to be its own worst enemy.

HTC One Max Review: Size Isn’t Everything

There's a lot - really a lot, it's a big phone - to love about the HTC One Max. Unfortunately, phablets aren't always phab.

HTC One 2014 to Come with Crazy Pinhole Cover Display

HTC's upcoming flagship might have finally solved the problem of putting a full cover over top your phone, thanks to an innovative new display.

Moms, Dads, & Grads: What Is the Best Smartphone?

Smartphones are not all alike, nor are smartphone users. Subtle differences in the design, UI, and services make some smartphones better suited for certain tasks than others, while the demands[...]

HTC’s New One Is Good. Will it Be Good Enough?

HTC will be unveiling its next-generation HTC One flagship at events early next week in New York and London. It'll be good, but can it beat what's coming? Here's what[...]

The New HTC One (M8) is Official, Unsurprising

With a 90% metal body and polished mirrored finish, the new HTC One M8 is here. Can a pretty phone really turn things around for the troubled company?

HTC Desire 816 and 610 Offer High-End Style, Midrange Pricing

It's not the next HTC One, but these two handsets bring attractive new features to HTC's midrange lineup.

Best Black Friday Smartphone Deals 2014

Lots and lots of smartphones will see significant discounts over the next few days, so to help you sort through the madness, here are the best Black Friday deals we[...]

Sprint Aims For Music Lovers with HTC One (M8) Harman Kardon Edition (Hands-on)

Sprint has positioned itself as the audiophile's carrier, announcing a partnership with Spotify and an exclusive enhanced audio edition of the HTC One (M8). We go hands-on with the latter.

HTC One Mini 2 is a Smaller, Less Powerful HTC One (M8)

HTC has formally unveiled the HTC One Mini 2, a 4.5-inch version of its One (M8) flagship that's easier to use with one hand but also removes a number of[...]

HTC One (M8) for Windows Review: New Phone, Same Story

The HTC One (M8) for Windows is a wonderful treat for those already invested in Microsoft's mobile platform, but also serves as a reminder of why Windows Phone is in[...]

HTC One remix Review

The HTC One remix is an HTC One Mini 2 by another name. A quick glance at its spec sheet reveals that this isn't far from a flagship handset, and[...]

HTC Desire 816 Review: Powerful, Plastic, and Not So Pricey

The HTC Desire 816 is a relatively affordable midrange phablet that looks and performs better than that classification would suggest.

HTC Posts Quarterly Losses for the Ninth Time Running

Despite having some knockout successes recently (such as the incredible HTC One Max), the smartphone manufacturer just can't seem to catch a break.

Video: HTC One (M8) Hands-On

Get a closer look at the HTC One (M8) in our latest hands-on video.

7 Smartphones for the Budget-Minded Student

School is back in session, which means that lots of students are looking to refresh their tech. Since every dollar is precious on campus, we've rounded up a few of[...]

HTC Desire Eye Sets a New Selfie Smartphone Standard

The HTC Desire Eye is no doubt designed with the selfie in mind, as the new Android smartphone features two 13-megapixel cameras – one, a traditional rear-facing, and one a[...]