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HP sacrifices Linux handhelds

Hewlett-Packard has cancelled three Linux handheld projects with the axing of an Australian research and development lab, according to a source close to the company.

Inside Franklin Covey

Franklin Covey may have started out selling paper-based organizers but it's also been selling PDAs since the first Palm appeared.

Franklin eBookMan

If you enjoy reading books and are also in the market for a PDA, Franklin Electronic Publishers believe its new eBookMan is the ideal solution for you.

Casio Cassiopeia BE-300 Pocket Manager

It's not a Pocket PC, but this Windows CE handheld is gaining quite a following

Agenda VR3

Agenda Computing says its Linux-based handheld, the Agenda VR3, is ready to take on Palm. Maybe not.

The sky is falling! No, it’s just PDA prices… – UPDATED 12/13

Just another reason to be Thankful this holiday season: 5% off PDAs atDell.com! Want more? Fine. Today (12/13) is the last day for free shipping and you can take another[...]

Get ‘Smarter’ get yourself a SmarterCase

The first accessory every PDA buyer should consider purchasing is a nice hard case for their device. I can t imagine spending upwards of $500 on something and not protecting[...]

Does size really matter?

When Jeff Hawkins began his quest to develop the first commercially successful PDA--one that millions of people would use to help manage their increasingly hectic lives--he was convinced that ergonomics[...]

Chris DeHerrera: Spreading the Pocket PC Word

Windows CE enthusiast Chris DeHerrera has been helping folks with their PDA problems for more than five years. In this first hand account, Chris explains how, and why, he does[...]

Getting your cell phone and PDA together

Often, I write about how you can connect a cell phone to a personal digital assistant (PDA) so you can use the phone as a wireless modem with your handheld.[...]

Interview with UR There’s Brad Nolan

In this interview at CES 2001 in Las Vegas, Brighthand editor Steve Bush meets with UR There founder Brad Nolan to discuss his company's foray into handheld computing.

After a year, has Pocket PC been a success?

Everex, Philips, Uniden. Remember those names? It's difficult to believe that less than three years ago each was making its mark in the world of handheld computers.

Dell.com $25.00 off coupon

At Dell.com use coupon code DC6C3A014759 and get $25.00 off any PDA or whatever else is over $150.00 in the Dell Home & Office Store. Shipping is FREE!

iGo.com, $100 Off Coupons and other bargains

iGo.com carries travelling accessories for PDAs, Cell phones, and Laptops. They're having a great overstock sale right now, and we have some coupons in this article to help you get[...]

Free offers from Sony when you buy a qualifying Clie!

This holiday season, Sony Electronics is decking the halls and their handhelds with a free 32MB Memory Stick Media for consumers who purchase qualifying CLI PEG-N and T Series[...]

Free PDA Universal Starter Kit from CompUSA

CompUSA has the PDA Universal Starter Kit from Saka iConcepts Free After $15 instant Rebate and send in $15 rebate

Handspring Launches PDA Phone — Trio

U.S.-based Handspring introduced a handheld computer with a built-in cellphone for the European and Asian markets on Monday, beating its biggest rivals to what is expected to be a fast[...]

SAP and Palm Announce Global Technology Alliance

Market Leaders Deliver Wireless Business Solutions Enabled by Palm Handhelds and mySAP Mobile Business at SAPPHIRE Orlando

Company starts selling Linux for Palms

Empower Technologies, a start-up in Redmond, Wash., has released a version of the Linux operating system that will run on Palm IIIx, IIIxe and Vx handheld computers.

Linux handheld device holds 10GB

A Singapore company has unveiled a handheld device that stores up to 10GB of data and multimedia files. The device, dubbed the Terapin Mine, measures 7[...]