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Brighthand Reviews the Tungsten T

Brighthand reviews Palm's latest handheld, the Tungsten T, which includes Palm OS 5, a high-res screen, Bluetooth, and more.

Inside Display Technologies

Our guide to handheld computer screens explains all of the acronyms and buzzwords, from LCD to TFT, transmissive to reflective, and what causes a "bad pixel".

New Samsung SCH-I600 Details (Pictures) update!

No release dates on this device yet, but Samsung has decided to produce a PDA / Cell phone combo that runs on a Microsoft OS instead of their usual Palm[...]

Presentations from your PDA

Looking for a way to make professional presentations without lugging around your laptop computer? Here are three products that, when teamed with a Palm handheld or Pocket PC, can do[...]

Review Magic Finger From Kirrio, the Most Phallic PDA Accessory Ever!

Earlier this month we brought you news of this finger condom stylus thingie. Well, I got a sample a few days ago and must say that it s everything you[...]

REVIEW: Dell Axim X5

Dell's goal in releasing the Axim X5 was to get a foot in the PDA market -- they may just have gotten two feet in though. The Dell Axim[...]

Review: Palm Tungsten T — Bluetooth Anyone?

The Palm Tungsten T is really the first new PDA they've released since the m130. Sure the m515 came out in between, but wasn't it just a re-hash of the[...]

UPDATE: Details leaking on the Toshiba e740 Pocket PC (pictures)

It sounds as if Toshiba plans to support thier new PDA with a bunch of optional equipment. The first piece we're hearing about is a larger battery pack that will[...]

Samsung NEXiO PDA designed for the mobile Internet user (pictures)

Samsung has been showing off their NEXiO line of PDA's, most recently at a show outside of Paris yesterday. They feature Windows CE and an amazing 800 x 480 VGA[...]

Review — Sony Clie NX60 and NX70V

Sony owns the record for the most PDA's ever to be released in one year. The Clie NX60 and NX70V mark the ninth and tenth PDA's to be released under[...]

First Thoughts: HP iPaq 5450 Overview

We all know that saying about life and money, you get what you pay for, although usually it s used in a negative sense it can still apply[...]

Fossil Wrist PDA

Is Fossil's new Wrist PDA the shape of things to come? Well, maybe not just yet.

Review Stowaway XT Ultra-Thin Keyboard for Palm PDA’s

Anyone who s researched PDA keyboards or even owns one, knows Think Outside s Stowaway line (also sold under the Targus name) is the cream of the crop. There s[...]

REVIEW: Pocket Solution’s “The Cover Up” Screen Protector

PDA Screens are easy to break, and very expensive to repair. In fact, if you break your PDA screen you'll pay almost as much as the device to fix[...]

New Software Available for Palm OS 5

Updated Developers are releasing new versions of their applications to ensure compatibility with Palm OS 5, and even take advantage of the faster processors available on the new handhelds.

HP confirms the release of the iPAQ H1900 (Picture)

The entry-level Pocket PC market is moving into the hot and heavy stage as a handful of manufacturers prep PDA's for November/December releases. HP will not be denied, bringing to[...]

New pictures of the Palm Tungsten T

Thanks to a Russian PDA site, www.Handy.ru, we have a few new pictures of the Tungsten T, in hand. It looks smaller than I expected, escpecially next to the Jornada.

Sony to incorporate television into their next PDA’s

Sony Japan has officially confirmed rumors that it had created one of the smallest television tuners ever. The plan is to incorporate these tuners into PDA's and other small electronics.

Kyocera announces two new PDA’s

One model is a SmartPhone, based on the old 6035 design. The latest effort integrates color and a hip new design. The second is a color PDA running its own[...]

New miniSync cable will let you sync and charge with a single retractable cable

This might be one of the best thought out accessories PDA's have seen in a long time. The miniSync from Boxwave will let you plug in almost any PDA to[...]