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Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie TH55

The Clie TH55 is Sony's first model that offers a HVGA screen in a handheld with the traditional tablet design. It also includes a camera and Wi-Fi, though[...]

Mitac Mio 168 / Navman PiN GPS Integrated Pocket PC Review

Last year, the Garmin iQUE 3600 Palm OS based PDA with integrated GPS created quite a stir. That unit has been highly rated by users, leaving the "Pocket PC[...]

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne Tungsten T5

Shawn Barnett brings us this review of palmOne's latest high-end handheld, the Tungsten T5. This model has some innovative features, but it disappoints many long-time Palm OS enthusiasts.

HP iPaq 6315 / iPaq 6310 Review

The HP iPaq 6300 series Pocket PC Phone is HP's first dive into the integrated phone and PDA market. The HP iPaq 6315 unit being sold in the U.S. includes[...]

Brighthand Reviews the ASUS MyPal A716

The new MyPal A716 from ASUS does just about everything it can to deliver the features high-end handheld buyers want, including dual forms of wireless networking and two different types[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Samsung SCH-i600

Brighthand takes a look at a Windows Mobile smartphone available from Verizon. This clamshell device offers most of the features you'd expect in a handheld, plus it functions as a[...]

Nintendo DS Review — palmOne and HP Could Learn a Thing or Two

The new Nintendo DS gaming handheld, launched in the United States yesterday, is interesting in many ways. With this impressive new gaming device Nintendo has set it's target age[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie TJ37

Sony's latest mid-range model is the first handheld with built-in Wi-Fi to debut at just $300. It also has a camera and a faster processor than many other Clies.

Brighthand Reviews the HP iPAQ rz1715

While the iPAQ rz1715 is definitely a "bare-bones" model, it's good enough to satisfy most first-time handheld users, and it has some growth potential so it won't have to be[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Apple iPod mini

Brighthand founder Steve Bush takes a look at the iPod mini, a small, lightweight device that lets you bring more than 60 hours of music -- approximately 1,000 songs --[...]

Sony Exits U.S. Handheld Market

Sony announces that it will no longer market Clie handhelds in United States, at least for the foreseeable future.

Brighthand Reviews the Stowaway Travel Mouse

If you are someone who has always wanted to use a mouse with your handheld -- and own a Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PC -- then Think Outside's Stowaway Travel Mouse is[...]

Say Goodbye to Sleeves and Hello to a New Generation of iPAQs

According to information leaked to Brighthand, HP is giving up on the expansion sleeve concept and is committed to producing smaller handhelds in 2004.

Brighthand Reviews Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

The first Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003 is out, and Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us his impressions of the new version of Microsoft's handheld operating system.

HP iPaq rx3715 Review

The HP iPaq rx3715 sits at the top of the line of HP's iPaq rx3700 series of PDAs that currently includes the iPaq rx3115 and iPaq rx3715 Pocket PC devices.[...]

Why Sony’s PDAs Failed in the U.S., but Not in Japan

According to contributing writer Larry Becker, there's a lot more to the Sony story than just a major electronics player exiting the PDA market.

palmOne Zire 31 Review

With over 3 million units sold, PalmOne's Zire line must be doing something right. Today PalmOne provides us two new additions to this now venerable line of Palm OS PDAs[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us a hands-on review of the world's first portable keyboard to use Bluetooth. Because it uses this short-range wireless networking technology, a single keyboard can be[...]

PalmOne Tungsten T5 Review

PalmOne's new Tungsten T5 has had a somewhat rough start. Greeted with disbelief by Palm loyalists, and run aground on a rocky release, the newest member of PalmOne's high-end handheld[...]

The Most Important Handheld-Related Events of 2004

Brighthand has picked out the top five most significant events of the last twelve months. These were the developments that had the largest effect on the handheld market as a[...]