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Popular Handhelds Articles for 2005

PalmOne LifeDrive Review

It's no secret that PalmOne has been readying a new model, and that leaks have been coming like rain in Seattle. But now, the hat is off, the non-disclosure agreement[...]

Palm Z22 Review

The Z22 is one of two fall releases for Palm, and a new attack on the entry-level PDA segment. The Palm Z22 isn't fighting for the current PDA user base[...]

palmOne Tungsten E2 Review

Best selling. Best value. Most popular with new users. Sounds more like the tag lines for the Toyota Camry than a handheld computer. But much like the[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Palm TX

In this review, Ed Hardy points out why he thinks the Palm TX is this company's most ambitious new handheld in a long time.

Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 Review

The new Zaurus SL-C3000 from Sharp is a linux-based PDA incorporating an Intel XScale PXA270 CPU at 416 MHz. It has a 640 by 480 pixel screen and is physically[...]

The New Handheld Killer App Found at Last

Brighthand's Ed Hardy says that the feature that will push handheld sales back into high gear has finally come along.

Sony PSP First Thoughts Review (pics)

Ok, so it's not a PDA, notebook or a perfect fit for any of our family of sites, but the Sony PSP is a mobile device that is extremely popular,[...]

The Drawbacks of Cellular-Wireless Handhelds

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief has realized there are more drawbacks to handhelds with built-in cellular-wireless functionality than he had first thought.

Handhelds Are Doomed

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief decides to come clean and admit that handhelds have no future. And rather than fighting the trend, he's decided to embrace it.

It’s Time for More Clamshell Handhelds

Brighthand's Ed Hardy urges more handheld makers to produce devices that have a clamshell design because, with their relatively large built-in keyboards, these make ideal mobile communication devices.

Handhelds vs. Laptops — How to Lighten Your Load in One Easy Lesson

Brighthand staff writer Larry Becker talks about all the ways that handhelds are better than laptops.

Why the Playstation Portable Isn’t Going to Replace Your Handheld

The Playstation Portable is a very impressive device with plenty of features any Palm OS or Pocket PC user would envy. But Brighthand's Ed Hardy says it isn't going[...]

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet – Full Review

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is a device in a class of its own. It is not a Tablet PC. It is not a PDA. It's not a phone or[...]

Face It, Handhelds Are Evolving Into Regular Computers

There's no point in fighting it: it's inevitable that handhelds are going to become more and more like full-sized computers.

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2005

Ed Hardy and Shawn Barnett bring us their thoughts on what we can expect for the handheld and smartphone market in the coming year.

Samsung SCH-i730 Review

Samsung's SCH-i730 is Samsung's current entry into the PDA/Phone category. What sets this model apart from its Windows Mobile/Palm competitors? EVDO data capability, for one. The i730[...]

Software Companies Announce Support for Windows Mobile 5.0

Many software developers have moved quickly to say that their applications will support the latest version of Microsoft's operating system for handhelds and smartphones.

COMPUTEX: Asus A636 GPS PDA (lots of pics)

We flew to the other side of the world to take pictures of the new ASUS MyPal A636 built-in GPS PDA. Why? For your benefit and because we[...]

Palm Should Not Reject the Idea of Windows Mobile Handhelds

In this editorial, Ed Hardy discusses why he thinks Palm's decision to not make Windows Mobile handhelds is a mistake.

A Look into the Future of the Axim

A source familiar with Dell's plans has revealed to Brighthand this company's handheld roadmap through the end of 2006.