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Apple iPod touch (Gen 2) Review

The second-generation iPod touch offers a slimmed down look, substantially improved battery life, and a wide range of software options. Is this the ultimate handheld computer?

Operating System Upgrade for the iPhone 3G Now Available

Apple has released an upgrade for the system software and bundled applications on the iPhone 3G. This brings many of the features in the upcoming iPhone 3G S to the[...]

OtterBox Armor, Impact, and Defender Cases for the iPod touch Review

Apple's iPod touch can take a huge beating in an ordinary day, and the best defense is a case. OtterBox offers a variety of these, and Kevin O'Brien brings us[...]

Microsoft Zune HD First Impressions Review

The next-generation Zune launched today, and Kevin O'Brien brings us his first thoughts on this device. The Zune HD is much more than a simple MP3 player -- rivaling the[...]

Apple Removes DRM Restrictions from iTunes

Apple announced today that the entire iTunes library will be available without the unpopular restrictions on copying files that were previously in place. This music store also put in place[...]

Microsoft Prepping MobileMe-Type Service Called ”My Phone”

Thanks to an apparent slip-up, Microsoft has given the world a look at its upcoming online synchronization service for Windows Mobile called My Phone. *UPDATED*

Ten One Design Pogo Capacitive Stylus Review

The Ten One Design Pogo Stylus is a pen-input device designed for use with the latest capacitive touch displays, including the nes found on the iPhone, iPod touch, T-Mobile G1,[...]

Next-Generation iPod touch Expected on Wednesday

Apple has scheduled a press event for Sept. 9 where it will almost certainly release a new version of the iPod touch. It's possible the much-rumored Apple tablet will also[...]

There’ll Be Fewer Windows Mobile Models in the Future

Microsoft is going to implement a new strategy for smartphones: in the future, there will be fewer models running Windows Mobile.

Free YouTube Player for Windows Mobile, S60 Released

Google has released a free application to allow Windows Mobile and S60 phones to play YouTube videos.

Next-Generation iPod touch Could Become a Wi-Fi Phone

Apple is expected to release a new iPod touch in the coming months that will be the first with a built-in microphone, potentially allowing it to make phone calls over[...]

What Happened to the Camera on the New iPod touch?

Last week, Apple released the latest iPod touch. This started a minor mystery: why does this model not include the built-in camera it was supposed to?

Future Apple iPhone and Netbook May Use OLED Screens

LG will reportedly make OLED displays for use in the next generation of the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, as well as this company's first netbook.

Apple May Be Prepping Six New iPhone and iPod touch Models

Developers hunting through the new iPhone 3.0 software have turned up evidence of no less than six upcoming smartphones, handhelds, and similar devices. Very few details are available, but the[...]

Ed Colligan Leaving Palm, Jon Rubinstein Taking Over as CEO

The board of directors of Palm, Inc. has appointed Jon Rubinstein as Chairman and CEO. He is replacing, Ed Colligan, who is stepping down after sixteen years of leadership at[...]

Most Popular Smartphones and Handhelds of January 2009

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

Most Popular Smartphones and Handhelds of December 2008

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

Microsoft Launching On-Device Mobile Software Store, Online Backup Service

The Windows Marketplace for Mobile and a new back-up service called "My Phone" were two of the major announcements from Microsoft at this week's MWC tradeshow.

Apple Makes the iPod touch More Powerful, More Affordable

Apple refreshed its iPod touch line today, introducing two models that are faster and have higher storage capacity. In addition, it has started offering a third model at just $200.

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK Will Lead to Better PDFs and Ebooks for Phones

Adobe has released an Adobe Reader Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) which will enable content publishers to create optimized PDFs and ebooks for mobile devices.