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Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Review: Have Fun Without the Formalities

This isn't a smartphone -- it's a different option for those who want to watch movies, play games, access the Web, or read their emails on an Android-based device that[...]

Dragon Dictation for iPhone Review

Dragon Dictation is a free voice-to-text app for the iPhone and other iOS-based devices. It allows users to dictate emails, Facebook posts, and other messages with just their voice. Daniel[...]

Nintendo 3DS Review

The Nintendo 3DS is the latest handheld offering from the Big N, and with it comes a first for gaming: glasses-free 3D. Is there more to this portable device that[...]

Next-Gen Apple Peel Makes an iPhone 4 Out of Your iPod touch

There is now only a fine line between the iPod touch and the iPhone, what with the recently unveiled next-generation Apple Peel 520 bridging the gap between the two devices.

Next-Generation iPod touch Might Include Cellular-Wireless Connectivity

The best way to describe Apple's iPod touch is that it's an iPhone without the phone. But an unconfirmed report indicates that this might be changing.

New iPod touch Won’t Resemble the iPhone 5

Apple has traditionally launched a new version of the iPod touch each fall, but this year will apparently be something of an exeption. There will be a new model, but[...]

Apple iPod touch 5 Might Include 128 GB of Storage

Some images supposedly showing the next-generation iPod touch have leaked out. If these are real, they show that Apple has redesigned the Home button on its next handheld, and is[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player With 5-Inch Touchscreen Unveiled

The Samsung Galaxy Player debuted in Asia this winter, and now a slightly larger version of this gaming-oriented handheld has been announced. Both the 4-inch and 5-inch models are headed[...]

Apple Introducing iOS 4.3 Upgrade for the iPhone Next Week

The next version of Apple's operating system for its smartphone, tablet, and handheld will be available in just over a week. Among other enhancements, this will include mobile hotspot software[...]

Apple iOS 4.3.2 ”Bug Fix” Update Coming Soon

Another small update to Apple's mobile operating system is reportedly in the offering. iOS 4.3.2 will supposedly fix a few bugs, as well as make a few other small changes.

Android Market Changes Coming to Boost Sales

Apparently Google is not satisfied with the way things are going with its Android Market, and it's looking to fix that, starting with the way apps are purchased. It is[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player Hands-on Preview

The Samsung Galaxy Player was on display at CES, and Brighthand's Ed Hardy took it for a test drive. This Android OS device is going to be a small handheld[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player Previewed, But Galaxy Note Smartphone in Limbo

Two new Galaxy Player versions are headed for the U.S. Yet while Jacqueline Emigh caught a first-hand look at the Wi-Fi-only media players, she learned that Samsung has no[...]

Apple iOS 4.3.1 Software Update Released

Apple has introduced a small "bug fix" update for its smartphone and tablet operating system. iOS 4.3.1 takes care of a few small issues in iOS 4.3, which was released[...]

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Users Have Now Downloaded 10 Billion Apps

Demand for iOS software continues to be very strong. As a result, downloads from the iTunes App Store have now passed the 10 billion mark, a milestone reached in about[...]

E3 2011: Sony PlayStation Vita Hands On

Sony went into E3 with an NGP, but came out with a Vita when it officially named the second-generation PSP. Judging from the crowd gathered around Sony's booth and long[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player Mini-Tablet Headed for the U.S. in Two Sizes

Samsung has just announced that it's going to release two versions of the Galaxy Player in the U.S. next month. This device won't be a smartphone, instead it is going[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player Now Available in Stores

Today is the U.S. launch of the Samsung Galaxy Player. This isn't a smartphone - instead it's a handheld computer for those who want to watch movies, play games, access[...]

Introducing Brighthand Mobile!

We've created a new and totally mobile version of Brighthand that puts all our smartphone news, reviews and evaluations in the palm of your hand, so you can make the[...]

Confession Via an iPhone App Gets Catholic Church Approval

A new iPhone application Confession: A Roman Catholic App released by Little i Apps is not exactly confession, at least not yet. Instead, it's something of a stop gap between[...]