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Nintendo 3DS XL Review: Does Bigger Make for Better 3D?

Nintendo has upgraded its current gen handheld, bringing you the 3DS XL, with a 90 percent larger display and improved battery life. Is it worth the upgrade?

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 Review: Android Games and Apps on the Cheap

The newest Galaxy Player by Samsung sports a smaller size and low end specs, but its entry-level nature conceals some surprising features. Brighthand takes an in-depth look.

Sony PlayStation Vita Vs. Nintendo 3DS: Mobile Game Consoles Go Head-to-Head

You may enjoy smartphone or tablet games but still long for something more. The Sony and Nintendo portable gaming consoles have a great deal to offer, but there are questions[...]

Apple iPhone 5 Gets a Micro-USB Port, Thanks to New Adapter

The new dock connector on the Apple iPhone 5, called the Lightning, can be converted to a micro-USB port thanks to a newly-unveiled adapter that's currently on sale, but only[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 Review: No Contract Necessary

With a 4.2-inch screen, 1GHz processor, and a $200 suggested retail price, the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 is the latest version of Android's answer to the Apple iPod Touch. Brighthand[...]

Apple iPhone Receives iOS 5.1.1 Update

iPhone users, as well as owners of the iPod touch or iPad, received an update to iOS version 5.1.1 today, which contains a litany of bug fixes and improvements to[...]

Sony PlayStation Vita Review: Taking Mobile Gaming to a New Level

The Sony PlayStation Vita is a very capable mobile gaming console, but it's more than that as well -- it boasts a web browser, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even optional 3G[...]

Google Developer Explains the Long Wait for Android OS 4.0 Upgrades

A prominent Google engineer involved in the development of the Android OS has given an explanation on why so many people are still waiting for an upgrade to the latest[...]

Apple iOS 6 for iPhone Review

Apple's new operating system isn't going to blow you away, but it does promise a serviceable upgrade that brings a greater level of utility to your iPhone.

Two New Samsung Galaxy Player Models Offer Alternatives to Smartphones

Samsung has just launched the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6, an Android-based handheld computer created for those who want all the features of a smartphone except the phone. This model has[...]

Most Popular Smartphones for January 2012

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. The recently-release Galaxy Nexus leapt to the top[...]

The Android OS: Splintered but Unbroken

When we talk about an operating system being fragmented, we mean that there are lots of versions of it still in use. This is a result of older devices not[...]

Something Old, Something New: Companies Focus on Recycling, Re-Using Outdated Phones

Old handsets that end up in landfills leak toxic chemicals into the soil and groundwater. But there are programs that make it easy for consumers to recycle, and even make[...]

Top Five Best Mobile Gaming Picks For Students

Back to school means more work for you students, but when you need a break, there is a wealth of excellent mobile games out there just waiting for you to[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

Last month, Samsung unveiled a pair of Android-based handheld computers focused on gaming and entertainment. The larger one of these, with a 4.2-inch display, is now available for pre-order. UPDATED

Apple Taking Pre-Orders for iPod touch, Still No Specific Release Date in Sight

Two weeks after unveiling the latest edition of its popular touchscreen handheld, Apple is taking pre-orders of the latest iPod touch but the company is only giving a vague release[...]

Most Popular Smartphones for May 2012

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. Half the models on the May list are[...]

PoP Video Turns an iPhone into a Pico Projector… for Cheap

Those looking for a way to use their iPhones as a pico projector now have a cheap and innovative way to do so with PoP Video.

CES 2012: Day Two Notes from the Tradeshow Floor

Yesterday was the second day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Brighthand editors and staff spent the day looking at new smartphones and accessories as fast as[...]

It’s Time to Slay Vampire Chargers

Anyone who cares about energy independance or the Green Movement is likely wondering if there's anything they can do to help. There is an easy thing all phone users can[...]