LG 2010 SmartPhone Articles

Popular LG Articles for 2010

LG Ally Review

The LG Ally is a mid-range smartphone with Google's Android OS recently released by Verizon Wireless. Jen Edwards brings us a review of a device that features a sliding keyboard,[...]

LG Optimus T Review

The LG Optimus T is an entry-level Android OS phone available from T-Mobile. In his review, Mark Shryock says that despite its low price, this device gives first-time smartphone[...]

Google Android OS 2.2 To Offer Mobile Hotspot, Flash Player

Google has taken the wraps off the next version of its mobile operating system. Android OS 2.2 will include a number of new features such as support for Adobe Flash,[...]

Verizon Starts Trade-In Program for Used Cell Phones

Verizon has started a new program aimed at letting customers dispose of a phone in an environmentally sound way while also benefiting community programs and giving credit toward a new[...]

Android OS 3.0 Will Sport a New Look and Feel

The next version of Google's mobile operating system isn't expected to come out until this fall, but many of the details have leaked out already. Android OS 3.0 is reportedly[...]

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Preview

The first smartphones running Windows Phone 7 will be released later this year. Brighthand's Ed Hardy got some time with a pre-release version of this operating system, and brings us[...]

LG Ally First-look Review

The LG Ally is a mid-range smartphone with Google's Android OS recently released by Verizon Wireless. Jen Edwards brings us a review of a device that features a sliding keyboard,[...]

Three Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Revealed So Far

Although the first models running Windows Phone 7 won't be on the market until the end of this year, Microsoft has already begun to show off a few of the[...]

Deals on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile Smartphones Available from Wirefly this Weekend

The online smartphone retailer Wirefly is going to offer a number of popular models at special prices this long holiday weekend, including deals on the Motorola Droid Pro, the HTC[...]

Android OS 2.2 Is Coming to the LG Ally

The LG Ally, a smartphone recently released by Verizon with Android OS 2.1, is getting an upgrade to version 2.2. The latest version of Google's operating system will bring support[...]

Why are Cell Phone Recycling Rates So Low?

Only 10% of unwanted cell phones are recycled annually, according to the EPA. And that may be an optimistic estimate. Why is the number so low, and what can be[...]

LG eXpo Preview

The LG eXpo runs Windows Mobile on a 1 GHz processor, and sports a miniature projector, fingerprint scanner, WVGA screen, sliding keyboard, and much more. Brighthand's Site Editor brings us[...]

LG Ally vs. Motorola Devour: Which Is Better?

The LG Ally and the Motorola Devour are two of the latest mid-range smartphones from Verizon Wireless. They're similar in price and size, so how can you choose the right[...]

iPhone and HTC EVO 4G Thriving, Palm Is Dead in Smartphone Buying Plans

Smartphone sales are poised for major growth over the next three months, with Apple and HTC on the upswing in consumer preferences and Motorola and RIM on the downswing, says[...]

Windows Phone 7: It’s a Whole New Ballgame

Windows Phone 7 has virtually nothing in common with its predecessors, essentially making it a brand new operating system. In this editorial, Brighthand's Site Editor applauds the improvements, but also[...]

LG Ally Could Be Verizon’s Next Android OS-based Smartphone

Unconfirmed reports of the LG Aloha have been surfacing for weeks now, but a leak coming out today says that when this Android OS smart hone is released by Verizon[...]

Google’s Android OS 2.2 Unveiling Expected Tomorrow

Google is widely expected to officially announce the next version of its mobile operating system tomorrow at an event for developers. According to early reports, Android OS 2.2 will include[...]

Microsoft Gives a Glimpse of the First Windows Phone 7 Model

Microsoft has given the world an early look at what will be one of the first models running the recently-announced Windows Phone 7 operating system. This LG device is going[...]

Analyst: Android OS Is Now Number One in the U.S.

After jumping over the BlackBerry OS to turn into the most widely used mobile operating system in the U.S., Google's Android OS is now on track to take over the[...]

The ”Must-Have” Features for Student Smartphones

When someone is setting out to buy a smartphone, it's important to get one with all the features they need. This guide goes through the possibilities, discussing the features that[...]