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Popular LG Articles for 2011

Google Android OS 4.0 Review: Find Out What’s New and Different

The latest version of Google's mobile operating system is Android OS 4.0 (aka "Ice Cream Sandwich"). This debuted recently on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but will eventually be running on[...]

LG Enlighten Review: Your First Smartphone?

The LG Enlighten is Verizon's newest entry level smartphone, offering a slide-out keyboard and Android for a wallet-friendly $80 with new contract. Given its low price, is this device powerful[...]

Most Popular Smartphones for July 2011

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. This month's list is a good mix of[...]

LG Optimus 2X Review

The highlight of the LG Optimus 2X is a powerful NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor with dual 1GHz cores. This Android smartphone also sports a 4-inch touchscreen, plus front- and rear-facing[...]

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Review

Windows Phone 7 is the latest mobile operating system from Microsoft, and used on a number of smartphones from HTC, Samsung, and LG. Jen Edwards brings us a review of[...]

LG Vortex Review

The LG Vortex is among the latest entry-level Android OS smartphones available through Verizon Wireless. In Adama D. Brown's review, learn how this model offers nearly all of the same[...]

LG Thrill 4G Preview: a 3D Phone Headed for AT&T

When LG delivered a sneak peek at a smartphone offering glasses-free 3D, Brighthand was there to take a close look at the upcoming LG Thrill 4G, plus 3D content ranging[...]

After-Christmas Sales Bring Savings on Smartphones

Christmas is the time of giving, but the post-holiday sales are about getting -- you getting yourself the things you really wanted but didn't receive as a gift. There are[...]

Google Reuniting Android’s Smartphone and Tablet Versions

The next major version of the Android operating system was officially announced at the Google I/O tradeshow today. It's still months away, but smartphone users should be happy to learn[...]

Should You Get a 4G Smartphone?

This holiday buying season, plenty of would-be smartphone owners are looking at 4G phones, wondering what benefits there are to 4G, and whether they need them. We'll take a look[...]

LG Optimus 3D Hands-On Preview

The LG Optimus 3D will not only sport a 4.3-inch, glasses-free 3D display, but will also feature a 3D camera, and a dual-core processor. Dragan Petric brings us this preview[...]

LG Revolution First-Look Review: 4G Goodness

The LG Revolution is a large 4.3-inch phone that packs in Android, LTE, Netflix and more. Its size makes for a compelling media experience, but can the battery inside keep[...]

T-Mobile G2x Hands-On Preview

The T-Mobile G2x is this carrier's first smartphone running the Android OS on a dual-core processor. It also has a large touchscreen, 8 megapixel camera, and other high-end features. Jacqueline[...]

LG Thrill 4G Review: More 3D Promise than Perfection?

The LG Thrill 4G is the first smartphone from AT&T with a glasses-free 3D display. This Android-based device also packs a dual-core processor and dual 5MP cameras for taking 3D[...]

Verizon Prepping Four Cutting-Edge Android OS Smartphones for Release in May

A roadmap of Verizon Wireless' plans for May has leaked out, and this shows that the carrier is going to introduce no less than four high-end smartphones that month. This[...]

LG Genesis First Look Review: Two Screens Are Better than One

The LG Genesis is an Android-based smartphone with an innovative design featuring two touchscreens and a large keyboard. Check out our preliminary review of this device, which is available exclusively[...]

Verizon’s Release Dates Leak Out for Motorola Droid Bionic, Samsung Stratosphere, Others

An internal roadmap of when Verizon is going to release a number of smartphones running Google's Android OS has leaked out. This reveals the launch dates for some highly-anticipated models,[...]

U.S. Cellular Offering Buy-One-Get-One-Free Deal for Android OS Devices

U.S. Cellular has launched a buy-one-get-one-free deal on all of its Android OS models, most notably the HTC Desire, Samsung Mesmerize, and even the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Microsoft CEO Promises Windows Phone 7 Improvements

During a keynote address at the CES tradeshow, Steve Ballmer laid out some of his company's plans for Windows Phone 7. This smartphone operating system is going to get support[...]

Verizon Prepping 4G Smartphones from Samsung and LG

Two next-generation smartphones from LG and Samsung were revealed at CES yesterday during Verizon's presentation on its 4G LTE network. The LG Revolution and the Samsung i500 were two of[...]