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Popular LTE Articles for 2013

Sprint Pay As You Go Unlimited Prepaid Plans Confirmed

Sprint will soon provide commitment-shy customers with its own brand of prepaid wireless service, as the carrier has confirmed that it will launch Sprint As You Go, a monthly-payment plan[...]

HTC Droid DNA Review: Once and Future King?

The Droid DNA is HTC's most feature-rich smartphone ever, boasting a mind boggling 5-inch, 1920 x 1080 screen, along with a quad-core processor and very reasonable price tag. Can it[...]

HTC One Review: The International Version

The new HTC One flagship smartphone has the potential to make a real splash in the Android market with the way it brings excellence to the table in nearly all[...]

Samsung Galaxy S IV Hands-On Preview

Following Samsung's Unboxed event in New York City tonight, we got to spend some face-to-screen time with its "next big thing," the Galaxy S IV.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Coming to T-Mobile May 1

It's a big day for T-Mobile. Among a spate of other announcements, the carrier revealed its release date and price for the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note II Getting Upgraded with 4G LTE

T-Mobile is releasing a significant software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which will activate support for the company's 4G LTE network.

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Heading to T-Mobile with a New Name

A more affordable option to the popular Samsung Galaxy S III is supposedly on its way to T-Mobile... with a new name. The Galaxy S III mini is reportedly[...]

LTE Subscribers to Hit 200 Million Mark in 2013

Despite hitting the market just three years ago, Long Term Evolution (LTE) is expected to reach 200 million subscribers this year, doubling its current levels in 2012, according to a[...]

With Samsung Galaxy IV Imminent, Galaxy S III on Sale

With the expected upcoming reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S IV next week, retailers and Amazon and Wirefly are offering major deals on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S IV: From Rumor to Reality

Samsung went to Radio Music Hall tonight to take the wraps off its new signature smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S IV WIll Cost Less than First Thought

AT&T announced last week that its version of the Samsung Galaxy S IV is going to cost $250 with a two-year contract, which is $50 more than is typical for[...]

Smartphones Trump Tablets: Analysis of Mobile Data Reveals New Challenges for Telecoms

Despite the increasing popularity of tablets among consumers, smartphone users have consistently consumed more mobile data than tablet owners for the first time, according to a new report from network[...]

MWC2013: ZTE Grand Memo 5.7-inch Smartphone Revealed

ZTE reveals its new 5.7-inch handset the Grand Memo. The new handset will look to mix portability and performance with its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

New HTC M7 Details Shed Light on New UI and Discredit Old Rumors

New details about the HTC M7 leaked from an undisclosed source recently. According to the new information, older rumors have been discredited.

HTC One Launching in the U.S. Next Month

HTC has just announced what most people had already guessed by this point: the HTC One isn't going to be released for at least another week or so.

Why Americans Have to Wait Until March for the BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 launched a few days ago, but not in the U.S. -- people in this country will have to wait until March to get it. But this isn't[...]

T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Network Finally Available

In addition to revealing when it will introduce the iPhone, T-Mobile also stepped up to the plate today by introducing its 4G LTE network in select cities.

T-Mobile Will Introduce the iPhone 5 on April 12

At a press event this morning, T-Mobile revealed the date many of its customers have been wait for: the iPhone 5 will be released by this carrier on Friday, April[...]

T-Mobile’s First LTE Smartphones Might Launch March 27

Information leaking out of T-Mobile indicates that this telecom is going to introduce its first round of smartphones with 4G LTE near the end of next month. There will be[...]

Wilson Electronics Introduces Sleek 4G Signal Booster

Wilson Electronics has introduced a new signal booster at CES 2013, showcasing the Sleek 4G, which will be the first of the company's products to work interchangeably on all U.S.[...]