Linux 2001 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Linux Articles for 2001

HP sacrifices Linux handhelds

Hewlett-Packard has cancelled three Linux handheld projects with the axing of an Australian research and development lab, according to a source close to the company.

Agenda VR3

Agenda Computing says its Linux-based handheld, the Agenda VR3, is ready to take on Palm. Maybe not.

Company starts selling Linux for Palms

Empower Technologies, a start-up in Redmond, Wash., has released a version of the Linux operating system that will run on Palm IIIx, IIIxe and Vx handheld computers.

Japan’s Sharp to Launch PDAs in U.S. in October

OSAKA, Japan (Reuters) - Japan's Sharp Corp plans to start selling its Zaurus multimedia personal digital assistants in the U.S. in October and in Europe early next year, marking the[...]

Sharp to go global with Zaurus PDAs

Japan's Sharp plans to start selling its Zaurus multimedia personal digital assistants in the United States in October, and in Europe early next year, marking the global expansion for its[...]

Sharp ‘Relaunches’ Zaurus Handheld

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Seeking to prove it isn't the dinosaur of the handheld market, Sharp Electronics on Monday relaunched the Zaurus in the United States.

Sharp to Make 3G PDAs for NTT DoCoMo

During a news conference to announce a new multimedia version of its popular Zaurus line of PDAs, Sharp said the advanced 3G handheld computer will be sold under DoCoMo's brand[...]

Sharp hones new Linux handheld

Developers will soon get their hands on a new Sharp PDA that uses a Linux (news - web sites) operating system, according to sources. The device, aimed at the business[...]

Linux In The Palm Of Your Hand

Playing the underdog is familiar territory for Linux, but now the open-source community prepares to go up against PDA leaders Palm and Microsoft. To make inroads in the market, Linux[...]

Linux sets its sights on the PDA market

In recent months there have been numerous announcements of new Embedded Linux support for PDAs and other handheld personal computing devices. Additionally, a growing number of PDAs (and similar devices)[...]

Sharp chooses Lineo for Linux handheld

Japanese electronics maker Sharp will use Lineo's version of Linux in an upcoming handheld computer, a significant victory for the Lindon, Utah, company as it works to push Linux into[...]

REVIEW: Agenda VR3 Linux PDA

The Agenda VR3 is the first PDA to come with Linux, the Open Source operating system geeks love, pre-installed. Originally released in the form of "Developers[...]

Sharp Announces new Linux Based PDA

Sharp has announced a new PDA for the non-Japan market which features an embedded Linux operating system and a Java application environment. From a hardware perspective, the device is based[...]

Linux makes a move into handhelds

Linux is finding another inroad into the computing world besides PCs and servers. In a market report on handheld computers due out by the end of[...]