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Popular Linux Articles for 2004

Palm OS for Linux — It’s a Good Thing

Brighthand's Ed Hardy says that PalmSource's plan to base a future version of the Palm OS on Linux is necessary to save the company, and the Palm platform.

Sharp Zaurus SL-6000 Linux PDA Review

The new Zaurus SL-6000 from Sharp is a versatile, linux-based PDA incorporating an Intel XScale (PXA255) CPU at 400 MHz. In some respects it is a hybrid of the Zaurus[...]

Zaurus with VGA Screen, Wi-Fi Now Available in U.S.

An English version of the Zaurus SL-6000L is now available from several online retailers. This offers built-in Wi-Fi, a mini keyboard, and a 4-inch VGA screen.

Sharp Announces Zaurus with 4 GB Microdrive

Sharp is once again leapfrogging the competition by announcing a clamshell-shaped Zaurus handheld with a built-in hard drive, something no Palm OS or Pocket PC yet offers.

Future Version of the Palm OS to be Based on Linux

PalmSource has just announced that it is going to develop a version of the Palm OS based on Linux. It hopes that by doing so it can bring in more[...]

palmOne Considering Many Different Operating System Options

Reportedly, palmOne is looking into the possibility of using Linux and both versions of Microsoft's Windows Mobile on upcoming handhelds and smartphones, rather than the Palm OS.

Zaurus SL-C3000 PDA with 4 GB HD: First Impressions

Although Sharp have almost pulled out of the US consumer PDA market, their new Zaurus SL-C3000 - with an internal 4 GB hard drive - just hit the shelves in[...]

Linux-Powered Handheld Available this Spring from Royal

Sometime this spring, Royal Consumer Information Products will finally ship the Linea LX, its delayed Linux-powered handheld.

Zaurus SL-5600 for Just $300

The tablet-shaped Zaurus SL-5600 offers a VGA screen, a 400 MHz processor, and dual memory card slots.

Motorola Announces A780 Linux SmartPhone and MPx220 Pocket PC SmartPhone

Motorola yesterday hosted a press event dubbed "Seamless Mobility". Motorola announced their new ultra-thin RAZR V3 clamshell phone, iTunes Alliance -- a strategic alliance to between Apple and[...]

New Clamshell Zaurus Expected Later this Month

Sharp is reportedly planning to unveil a new Zaurus handheld at a tradeshow in late October. Hopes are running high that this model will be the first clamshell Zaurus to[...]

Pocketop Charging for Keyboard Drivers

Pocketop, makers of universal infrared keyboards for Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Linux handhelds, has started charging customers for the drivers necessary to use its keyboards.

Qtopia 2.1 PDA Edition Released Under GPL License

The latest version of Trolltech's user interface for Linux-based handhelds is now available as a free download.

PDAs at War — Introducing the Commander’s Digital Assistant (CDA)

Ever since President Bush declared an end to the hostilities in Iraq and all is peaceful (cough, cough) it's time for the military to start experimenting with new toys and[...]

PalmSource to Port Palm OS on top of Linux

Palm OS 6.0 hasn't even seen the light of day on any device yet, nor is there any sign it will soon. All the same, PalmSource is steering its[...]

Big Blue Back in the PDA Business?

IBM recently showed off a Linux PDA they've been working on at the LinuxWorld show in New York last week. IBM's not been a part of the PDA world since[...]

PDA News – Axims in China, Pocket Informant 5, PocketPC Linux

Dell to sell Axims in China Pocket Informant version 5.0 released Lycoris to create Linux-based replacement OS for ARM-based handhelds

PDA News – iPaq patches, New Zaurus, New iPaq 2000 pics

iPaq 6315, 4000 series patches Report: New Sharp Zaurus Leaked iPaq 2000 series image PalmOne T5 seminar New games from Ballshooter, Handy Entertainment

PDA News – AT&T/TMo wireless pact, PPC Flash, Palm 6 to be ‘Cobalt’?

AT&T, T-Mobile form WiFi hotspot pact PocketPC Flash player New name of Palm OS 6 to be 'Cobalt'? Update on Lycoris Pocket Linux High capacity... fish[...]

Trolltech Releases Major Upgrade to Qtopia Software for Embedded Linux Devices

Trolltech has released Qtopia version 2.1, a major upgrade to its development platform and user interface for Linux-based smartphones and handhelds.