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Popular Linux Articles for 2008

HP 2133 Mini-Note Review

HP has just launched the HP 2133 Mini-Note, a mini-notebook that starts at $500. Jerry Jackson and Tiffany Boggs bring us this review.

iPhone vs. Android: a Study in Contrasts

Apple's iPhone OS and Google's Android OS have a great deal in common; both are Linux-based operating systems for smartphones. But Ed Hardy's latest editorial discusses the dramatic differences[...]

Asus Announces Eee PC 900 with 9-Inch Screen

Asus has just announced a version of its low-cost micro laptop with a wider screen and a much larger hard drive. *UPDATED*

Sony mylo Personal Communicator COM-2 Review

The mylo COM-2 isn't a PDA or smartphone, it's a device that uses a WVGA screen, Wi-Fi, and a built-in keyboard to enable mobile web access and VoIP calls. Antoine[...]

Everex CloudBook Review

With a 7-inch display, 1.2 GHz processor, and 30 GB hard drive, the Everex CloudBook certainly doesn't make a very good desktop replacement computer, but it does look like one[...]

Palm OS II Devices on Track for Release in Early 2009

One of Palm's vice presidents has promised that his company is on course to have the first model running a new Linux-based version of the Palm OS on the market[...]

Opera Mobile 9.5 Preview

Since it was announced a little over a month ago, Opera Software's newest version of its web browser for mobile devices has been hotly anticipated by users seeking a next[...]

Torch Mobile Launches Free Web Browser for Windows Mobile

Torch Mobile has released Iris, a full-featured web browser available for both Windows Mobile and Trolltech's Qtopia.

noBounds Research Project Adds External Displays to Nokia Internet Tablets

Nokia Researchers are developing a project called noBounds, which aims to expand smartphone and Internet Tablet screens with higher resolution external displays.

Orange Releasing ALP-Powered Smartphone this Summer

The news many have been eagerly waiting for has finally appeared: a major telecom has committed to releasing a smartphone running the Linux-based replacement for the Palm OS that has[...]

New Rules on Carrying Spare Batteries on U.S. Flights

The U.S. Department of Transportation has instituted new rules for carrying spare batteries on an airplane. Starting today, these must go in the traveler's carry-on baggage, not in their checked[...]

Access Garnet VM Review

Garnet VM is an emulator that puts a virtual Palm OS handheld on Nokia's Internet Tablets, allowing them to run Palm OS applications. Antoine Wright brings us a review of[...]

Google Demonstrates Android’s Look and Feel

The Google I/O conference was this week, and the team working on Android took the opportunity to show off this upcoming mobile operating system.

Asus Eee PC 4G Windows Review

Several months after releasing the Linux-based Eee PC, Asus has followed up with a version running Windows XP. Jerry Jackson from Brighthand's sister site brings us this review.

Kingston 8 GB microSD/SDHC Card Review

Kingston Technology recently added an 8 GB microSD/SDHC card to its product line. Brighthand's Ed Hardy put this new accessory through its paces and brings us this review.

Brighthand FAQ: Which Is Better, EV-DO, HSDPA, or Wi-Fi?

One of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the Brighthand forums is about the differences between the 3G wireless networking standards offered by the U.S. telecoms. Adama Brown does his[...]

A Possible Glimpse of the Next Apple iPhone

Rumors on the next version of the iPhone have been coming thick and fast in the last week or so. The most recent of these is the first to say[...]

Palm Promises Next-Generation Operating System by Mid-2009

In a conference call with industry analysts yesterday, Palm's CEO promised that devices running its next operating system would be on the market by the middle of next year.

The Missing Sync Now Available for iPhone

Popular cross-platform synchronization software The Missing Sync by Mark/Space is now available for users of the Apple iPhone. This application makes it easier for users of other smartphones to switch[...]

New Asus Eee PC, OQO 02 Demonstrated On Sprint WiMax Network

Manufacturers Asus and OQO yesterday demonstrated new versions of their Eee PC and Model 02 devices with built-in WiMAX, suitable for use on Sprint's "Xohm" network when it launches later[...]