MWg 2008 SmartPhone Articles

Popular MWg Articles for 2008

MWg Zinc II Review

The MWg Zinc II is a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone that offers a sliding keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a new finger-friendly application launcher. Antoine Wright brings us this review.

Widen Your Choices with Unlocked Smartphones

Brighthand's Editor-In-Chief uses his latest editorial to try to be sure those who are in the market for a new smartphone are aware of a little-used option: unlocked devices.

Internet Explorer Mobile 6 with Flash, Faster Rendering Debuting Soon

A new, significantly enhanced, version of Microsoft's web browser for smartphones should be available for some models before the end of this year.

MWg Atom Life Review

The MWg Atom Life is a Windows Mobile smartphone that most people won't notice unless they are paying attention. Still, Antoine Wright says it has the style to be noticed,[...]

Windows Mobile 7 May See Release Later This Year

According to a roadmap from device manufacturer MWg, the company plans to have a Windows Mobile 7 device on the market some time in the fourth quarter of this year.[...]

MWg Zinc II Review

Antoine Wright brings us a "first thoughts" review of the MWg Zinc II, a new Windows Mobile smartphone with a sliding keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a proprietary fingertip-friendly user[...]

Redfly Now Compatible with a Dozen More Smartphones

Celio Corp has released drivers for its Redfly that allows this laptop-like device to be used with 12 additional smartphones, growing the compatibility list to 19 of the most popular[...]

MWg Zinc II Hits the U.S. Market

MWg America has just begun shipping the Zinc II, its latest Windows Mobile smartphone. It offers a sliding keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a new finger-friendly user interface.

MWg Zinc II Gets a Big Price Reduction

MWg America has cut the price on its latest Windows Mobile smartphone, the Zinc II. This device -- which offers a sliding keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a new finger-friendly[...]

How Can Smaller Mobile Companies Respond to the Credit Crunch?

The current global economic condition has made it harder for smaller companies to acquire funding/investments. How will mobile device makers respond in light of this?