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Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

The latest in Nokia's Internet Tablet series of traditional handhelds is the N810, the first with integrated GPS capabilities and a slide-out keyboard. Ed Hardy brings us this review.

Nokia N900 Review

The Nokia N900 is a new smartphone with a WVGA screen, sliding keyboard, and a wide array of other high-end features. Antoine Wright gives his detailed impressions of Nokia's latest[...]

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet First Thoughts Review

This week, Nokia announced its second generation Internet Tablet. Brighthand's Ed Hardy was able to put this brand new device through its paces, and brings us his first thoughts on[...]

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Review

Antoine Wright brings us this review of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, a device that's about the size of a smartphone or handheld but offers a lot more functionality.

Nokia N900 First Impressions Review

The Nokia N900 is Nokia's first Maemo-powered model with cellular-wireless connectivity. Antoine Wright gives his first impressions of this high-end device, which offers a WVGA screen, mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, GPS,[...]

Nokia N900 Preview

The Nokia N900 is not yet available, but Ed Hardy got some time with a pre-release version and brings us his first thoughts of the first smartphone running the Linux-based[...]

Nokia N900 Update Adds Landscape-to-Portrait Screen Rotation

The Nokia N900 has received two system software updates this week, addressing some bugs and also making a significant enhancement: adding portrait mode support to all applications. Until now, the[...]

Nokia N810 First Thoughts

A new model in Nokia's Internet Tablet series will be on the market soon, and Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief has some first thoughts on the N810 after spending a bit of time[...]

Nokia to Fight Back in Smartphones, but Without the Android OS

While Nokia continues to struggle in the US mobile market, the Finnish-based company has voiced plans to "fight back" in the smartphone space, and it won't be adopting Google's Android[...]

Nokia N800 with WiMax in Development

Sprint reportedly plans to release next year a version of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet with the 4G cellular-wireless networking standard Mobile WiMAX.

Net Neutrality: Will It Protect Consumers or Hurt Businesses?

The proponents of net neutrality believe that Internet service providers should not be allowed to block their customers from using services offered by rival companies. Not surprisingly, some wireless service[...]

Nokia Dropping Symbian and MeeGo, Going with Windows Phone 7

In a dramatic change of strategy, Nokia announced a plan this morning to make Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 its default operating system. In the future, Nokia will stop developing operating[...]

Firefox Web Browser Now Available for Nokia N900

The Mozilla Foundation has released Firefox for Mobile 1.0 for Nokia's Maemo 5 operating system. This allows fans of the desktop version of this web browser to enjoy much the[...]

Tuning In to Find Out

An increasing number of people are using smartphones, tablets and other devices to take their television and Internet entertainment on the road. While at home, though, many are still glued[...]

Smartphones: the ‘New PC’ or a Swiss Army Knife?

Is the smartphone really "the new PC," or is it more like an "electronic Swiss Army knife"? Some are suggesting that -- with the introduction of new software apps and[...]

We Shouldn’t Ban Cell Phones in Cars, We Should Ban Drivers

Although the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board wants a complete ban on using a cell phone for any reason while driving, Brighthand's Site Editor has a a better suggestion: let's[...]

Nokia N810 WiMax Edition’s Price Revealed

An online retailer has begun taking pre-orders for Nokia's upcoming Internet Tablet with the 4G wireless standard WiMax.

Apple Announces 200 New iOS Features in iOS 5, Unveils iCloud, Ditches MobileMe

iOS 5, the next generation of Apple's OS for iPhones and iPads, will include 200 new features, said Apple's Steve Jobs on Monday. Highlights include Reminders, a new Game Center,[...]

DataViz Offering Word, Excel, PowerPoint Viewer for Nokia N900

DataViz, Inc., has released Documents To Go Viewer Edition for the Nokia N900 and Maemo 5. This lets users of this smartphone read files and attachments in all three Microsoft[...]

Cell Phone Radiation Fears Escalate Despite a Lack of Evidence

While some studies claim that cell phone radiation and frequent use of cell phones can be hazardous to your health, there is still no concrete evidence linking cell phones to[...]