Microsoft 2001 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Microsoft Articles for 2001

Casio Cassiopeia BE-300 Pocket Manager

It's not a Pocket PC, but this Windows CE handheld is gaining quite a following

Pocket PC’s Mixed-up Metaphor

Pocket PC is supposed to be a variation of Windows, built on the Windows CE operating system. It's intended to leverage this relationship in order to reduce the learning curve[...]

Monkeying around with Monkeystone Games

In this interview with high-profile game developers John Romero, Tom Hall and Stevie "Killcreek" Case, we discuss their new company, Monkeystone Games, and its goal to develop exciting new games[...]

Pocket PC 2002 Launch

On site coverage of the launch of Pocket PC 2002 from San Francisco, California

FREE Targus Keyboard with Pocket PC 2002 Handheld

At right now, buy any Pocket PC with Microsoft's new Pocket PC 2002 operating system and get a Targus Stowaway Keyboard free--a $99.99 a value. Choose from the Compaq[...]

Pocket PC Summit

On site coverage of the first Pocket PC Summit from Santa Monica, Californnia

Bluetooth smiles on Microsoft mobile OS

Microsoft's next-generation operating system for mobile devices has passed a crucial test for Bluetooth compatibility, the software giant said Tuesday. Year End Electronic Clearance

If you're looking for a good deal on a PDA, has rebate offers on Pocket PCs from HP and Compaq, bonus buys on Palm and Handspring handhelds, and more[...]

Pocket PC Upgrade Missing Software

Handheld owners who ordered an upgrade to Microsoft's new Pocket PC 2002 operating system have discovered that some key software isn't included and may never be released.

Compaq prepares for new Pocket PC

Looking to boost sales of its iPaq handheld computers, Compaq is touting that its Pocket PC models are the only ones that will be ready to upgrade to a new[...]

Compaq Announces Free Upgrade to Pocket PC 2002 for iPAQ Pocket PCs Purchased Between September 6th and November 30th 2001

Compaq today announced a free* upgrade to Pocket PC 2002, the newest handheld PC software from Microsoft, for Compaq s award-winning iPAQ Pocket PC.

For Palm users, a PowerPoint show

Software maker DataViz on Monday unveiled an application that brings PowerPoint presentations, along with other Microsoft Office features, to Palm handheld devices.

Picture This: The new HP Jornada 560 series

We have learned from infosync that the talk about new Jornada s appears to be legitimate. As it goes, many rumors have been circulating about new PDA s running on[...]

Microsoft offers taste test of “Talisker”

Microsoft plans to introduce on Tuesday the first test version of "Talisker," its next-generation operating system aimed at a variety of handheld gadgets, Internet appliances and factory automation equipment.

Software takes Palm programs to Pocket PC

When is a Palm not a Palm? When the Palm operating system runs on Pocket PC devices.

NEW Compaq Rebate — $150 off 3635,

The Wrap Up the Savings mail-in rebate offer is valid only with purchases made between 10/14/01 and 01/26/02 of eligible Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC H3635 products. This offer is not[...]

Microsoft, Allies Launch Pocket PC Handhelds

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. and major computer companies on Thursday unveiled a passel of handheld computers in a marketing blitz...

Microsoft SmartPhone: Impressive Bridge Between Current Handsets and PC Functionality

Microsoft's data-enabled phone, called Stinger in the early stages of development, will now be known as the Microsoft SmartPhone. A beta build of the phone was demonstrated at M bius[...]

Silicon Insights: Palm Vs. Microsoft

Consumers could be ultimate winners in the PDA war between Palm and Microsoft.

Adobe Acrobat Does New Tricks with PDAs

Acrobat Reader, a recognized industry standard for transferring Web content to desktop PCs and other Internet-enabled devices, is now available in a beta version for Pocket PC users