Microsoft 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Microsoft Articles for 2002

HP’s iPAQ 5400 Series Pocket PC: Bluetooth and WiFi

Updated HP's upcoming iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 Series combines a fast processor, fabulous color screen, built-in Bluetooth and 802.11b, and biometric security. What more could you ask for?

Review – Age of Empires for Pocket PC

No, you didn t read the title wrong Age of Empires the hugely popular real time strategy classic by Microsoft, has been ported to the Pocket PC. Zio Soft[...]

REVIEW: HP iPaq 1910

The HP iPaq 1910 is all about being small and having good form, while at the same time being very functional. My goal in this review is to help[...]

New Samsung SCH-I600 Details (Pictures) update!

No release dates on this device yet, but Samsung has decided to produce a PDA / Cell phone combo that runs on a Microsoft OS instead of their usual Palm[...]

Brighthand reviews the HP iPAQ h1910

It's bold, it's beautiful, and it blazes an exciting new path for Pocket PC...but it's not perfect.

BrightBytes™: Launcher X, VersaMail, EverQuest

Launcher X has finally been released, Palm has made the email client on the Tungsten T available to everyone, Pocket PC users will soon be able to play EverQuest, and[...]

REVIEW: Dell Axim X5

Dell's goal in releasing the Axim X5 was to get a foot in the PDA market -- they may just have gotten two feet in though. The Dell Axim[...]

Road Trip with a T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone

Brighthand founder Steve Bush takes the new T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone on a 5-day trip from Atlanta, GA to Charleston, SC

NetFront Browser for Pocket PC Released

The new NetFront browser for Pocket PC has a good number of features not supported by Microsoft's Pocket Internet Explorer.

REVIEW: Toshiba e740 Initial thoughts (Pics, Specs)

I'm not one to say that any particular Pocket PC device has a huge advantage over any other, but my initial reaction to the Toshiba e740 is that it has[...]

New Microsoft Smartphone – Enter the Canary (Pictures)

Orange UK is evaluating a test unit of a Stinger Smartphone, Microsoft Smartphone 2002, produced by contract manufacturer HTC. How well it works on the Orange system may go a[...]

HP confirms the release of the iPAQ H1900 (Picture)

The entry-level Pocket PC market is moving into the hot and heavy stage as a handful of manufacturers prep PDA's for November/December releases. HP will not be denied, bringing to[...]

TextMaker: Not Your Father’s Pocket Word

Pocket PC owners have longed for a full-featured word processor to address the shortcomings of Microsoft's Pocket Word and SoftMaker's TextMaker for Pocket PC may be just the ticket

True Word Processing for Pocket PC?

It's long been a complaint among serious Pocket PC users that Microsoft's own bundled word processor, Pocket Word, is far from satisfactory. Well, here comes TextMaker.

New Wireless Pocket PC Developed by HTC

The FCC has released some information on a new Pocket PC Phone Edition device that uses CDMA wireless networks. It also includes a GPS receiver.

HOW TO: Choosing a PDA Based on Memory Storage Type

The world of PDAs can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing, you have to choose between Palm OS, Pocket PC or Linux and then determine which manufacturer you trust that makes[...]

ViewSonic announces sub-$300 Pocket PC

Leading display maker, ViewSonic, announced today that it has become Microsoft's 29th Pocket PC licensee and will release a sub-$300 model, the V35 Pocket PC, on November 1.

News from Comdex Fall 2002

Dell and HP launch new Pocket PCs; PalmSource announces a new Palm OS licensee; and much more

Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC coming November 18

Updated Dell executive explains Dell's aggressive sales goals for its upcoming Axim X5 Pocket PC, and drops the hint that Dell may even consider the Palm OS for future[...]

Pocket PC Software Award Winners Announced

The winners of this year's Pocket PC Awards have been announced, divided into 9 categories and 57 sub-categories.