Microsoft 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Microsoft Articles for 2003

HP iPAQ h4150 Full Review

The new iPAQ Pocket PC h4100 series is intended to bring to market an affordable integrated wireless PDA in a slim design.

Brighthand Reviews the HP iPAQ h4155

They said it couldn't be done. That creating a pocketable, multimedia-capable handheld with a magnificent color screen, fast processor and, heaven forbid, two forms of wireless was an impossibility --[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X3i

Dell continues to raise the value bar by bringing us the first Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC under $400.

An Overview of Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC

Microsoft today unveiled Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC, the latest version of its software for handheld computers.

Brighthand Reviews the HP iPAQ h2210

The iPAQ h2210 runs Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC on a 400 MHz Intel XScale processor. It offers 64 MB of RAM and built-in Bluetooth wireless networking. Posted:[...]

Brighthand Reviews the SanDisk SD Wi-Fi Card

SanDisk's Wi-Fi Secure Digital card lets Pocket PC handhelds with an SDIO slot, such as the HP iPAQ h1940, connect to 802.11b wireless networks. Brighthand's founder Steve Bush took one[...]

Brighthand Reviews the HP iPAQ h4355

HP's latest high-end Pocket PC is an excellent device for accessing the Internet from anywhere while being easy to carry everywhere.

Brighthand Reviews the Toshiba e405

The new Toshiba e405 Pocket PC sports a new design but retains the thinnest and cutting-edge technology found in its e300 series predecessors.

HP iPAQ h2200 Series Gets FCC Approval

Updated Hewlett Packard intends to release a new series of Pocket PC handhelds, at least one of which will have integrated Bluetooth.

Toshiba e805 / e800 Full Review

The Toshiba e805 / e800 Pocket PC is the latest high-end PDA release from Toshiba. This PDA is packed with great features. It's a highly recommended buy, but[...]

2004: The Year of VGA

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief predicts there will be a good number of handhelds introduced next year with 640-by-480 pixel screens, which will include both Pocket PC and Palm OS models. However, this[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Toshiba e355

The ultra-thin e355 runs Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC on a 300MHz Intel XScale processor and comes with 64MB of RAM.

Toshiba e405 / e400 Full Review

The Toshiba e400 /e405 is the latest mid-range PDA release from Toshiba. This PDA line replaces the e300 line of Toshiba handhelds, and thankfully the refreshing midnight blue redesign[...]

First Pocket PC 2003 Details Surface

Last week, Microsoft gave developers an overview of the next version of one of its mobile operating systems. Users should not expect big changes.

NEW Pocket PCs: HP iPaq 1930, iPaq 1940, HP iPaq 2200 (Pictures)

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has reviewed the HP iPaq 1930, HP iPaq 1940 series, and HP iPaq 2200 Pocket PC devices and placed the user manuals and pictures on[...]

RumorMill™: Toshiba e805 DOES Have a VGA Screen

Possibly bringing to a close the controversy over the resolution of the upcoming e805 from Toshiba, an Asian web site has leaked some pictures that show this Pocket PC will[...]

Is Microsoft Still Committed to Pocket PC?

Recently, there have been some disturbing signs that Microsoft's commitment to Pocket PC may be waning as the company shifts its attention to other mobile devices. Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief takes a[...]

Pocket PC 2003 Is Finally Here!

Microsoft unveils Pocket PC 2003, renamed Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.

Is this the “Perfect PDA”?

As handheld enthusiasts await the release of the iPAQ h2200 Pocket PC, we wonder if it's the "perfect PDA"

iPAQ h2200 Series and Pocket PC 2003 Coming May 30?

A document posted on the FCC’s website gives a strong indication of when HP’s next model and Microsoft’s next OS will be released.