Microsoft 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Microsoft Articles for 2005

Review – Dell Axim X51v

For nearly a year, Dell's Axim X50v has reigned supreme as the most powerful and affordable high-end Pocket PC on the market. Now, Dell has updated their existing design with[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Garmin iQue M5

The M5 offers everything a regular Pocket PC does, plus it functions as a GPS receiver, helping users find not only where they are, but where[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X51v

Ed Hardy takes a long look at Dell's latest -- and greatest -- Pocket PC. This is a powerhouse that not only offers the latest version of Windows Mobile, it[...]

Nokia 9300 Smartphone Review

Outside of the US, the Nokia 9300 is old hat. About a year after its global release though, the 9300 will gain fresh legs in the US. It is expected[...]

The First Pictures of the iPAQ Mobile Messenger (Updated)

Several pictures are now available of the iPAQ Mobile Messenger, HP's upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC.

Why the Playstation Portable Isn’t Going to Replace Your Handheld

The Playstation Portable is a very impressive device with plenty of features any Palm OS or Pocket PC user would envy. But Brighthand's Ed Hardy says it isn't going[...]

Don’t Expect Another ”Summer of Pocket PC”

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief warns that, unlike the last two years, a lot of new Pocket PCs aren't going to debut this summer.

Samsung SCH-i730 Review

Samsung's SCH-i730 is Samsung's current entry into the PDA/Phone category. What sets this model apart from its Windows Mobile/Palm competitors? EVDO data capability, for one. The i730[...]

HP rx1950 Pocket PC Review

"What is the best thing about the rx1950 besides the palatable $299 price tag? Certainly it is going back to the curvy, sleek form factor that received so much praise[...]

Audiovox SMT5600 Windows SmartPhone Review

The Audiovox SMT5600 (as sold in the U.S., it is also known as the Orange SPV C500, HTC Typhoon, Qtek 8010, Dopod 565 and i-mate Smarpthone 3 in other countries)[...]

Palm Should Not Reject the Idea of Windows Mobile Handhelds

In this editorial, Ed Hardy discusses why he thinks Palm's decision to not make Windows Mobile handhelds is a mistake.

Microsoft ActiveSync 4.1 Released

The official release of Microsoft's new ActiveSync is here. There are a few fixes and updates, but sync over WiFi is not included and probably won't be due to security[...]

How to Listen to Podcasts on a Handheld

An iPod isn't necessary for listening to podcasts; there are applications that can download these online audio programs directly to a Palm or Pocket PC.

Garmin iQue M5 Review

I had the pleasure to get my hands on the latest PDA/GPS device from Garmin, this time in the Pocket PC flavor. The iQue M5 is Garmin's first device[...]

Why Some Models Can Get Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades… and Some Can’t

Brighthand's Ed Hardy talks about why some handhelds can't be upgraded to the latest version of Windows Mobile.

A Preview of Windows Mobile 2005

A beta of the next version of Windows Mobile has leaked out. This shows that almost every application, control panel, and dialog box in the operating system will be improved[...]

Microsoft Proposes Two New Thumb-Driven User Interfaces

A team of Microsoft researchers have come up with AppLens and LaunchTile, two possible user interfaces that can be controlled entirely with a single thumb.

COMPUTEX: ETen M600 (pics)

E-Ten is showing off their upcoming Pocket PC Phone, the M600, at Computex in Taipei this week. The M600 is an update to company's previous M500 device. The[...]

First Clamshell VGA Pocket PC Phone Unveiled

T-Mobile Germany has just taken the wraps off the MDA IV, the first cellular-wireless Pocket PC to include a VGA screen.

There’s Still Room for the Palm OS to Take the Lead in VGA

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief believes Windows Mobile's implementation of VGA displays leaves much to be desired, so there's plenty of room for the Palm OS to come out with a better one.