Mitac 2007 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Mitac Articles for 2007

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of March 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most popular handhelds and smartphones. There was a strong interest in upcoming models in March, as three of the top ten products[...]

Microsoft Announces Windows Mobile 6

UPDATED: Microsoft was forced by circumstances to pre-announce Windows Mobile 6 several days before it had intended to, but the the formal announcement went off as scheduled.

Microsoft Explains Windows Mobile Name Changes

With the introduction of Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft changed the names of the various sub-versions of this operating system. One of this company's developers has recently given the reasons for[...]

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of May 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most handhelds and smartphones readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. There was a resurgence of interest[...]

Microsoft Promises 20 New Windows Mobile 6 Models by Year’s End

A Microsoft spokesperson says that companies around the world will launch 20 more devices running Windows Mobile 6 before the end of this year.

If You Show Them, They Will Come

In his latest editorial, Brighthand's chief reviewer takes on the iHype surrounding the iLaunch of the iPhone.

A Mobile Quandary: Lifestyle Devices or Communicators

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright takes smartphone makers to task for designing trying to design products that try to be all things to all people, and so end up[...]

More Than a Pretty Face

Although he can understand the appeal of a cutting edge design, Brighthand's Antoine Wright wants his mobile device to offer the kind of depth necessary to be truly useful.

Apple Could Use 25% of the World’s Flash Memory Supply

Apple may use a quarter of the world's supply of Flash memory chips in its iPod and iPhone products. There's currently a deficit in the supply of these, which could[...]

The Future Is Coming To Get You

In his latest editorial, Adama Brown urges mobile device makers to show some vision in their product designs, not just blindly follow the latest trend.

HP Will No Longer Ship Outlook with Its iPAQs

Windows Mobile handhelds and smartphones have always come with a copy of of Microsoft Outlook, as this application is needed to synchronize the mobile device with a desktop computer. This[...]

Get Any Mobile Device Recycled for Free

Just about everyone says they believe in recycling, but Palm, Inc. is putting its money where its mouth is. This company will cover the cost of recycling any phone or[...]

Why Mobile Tech Frustrates Me

As much as he loves living a mobile life, the things about mobile technologies that really frustrate Antoine Wright are the subject of his latest editorial.

A Signal From The Wilderness

When you live in the back side of nowhere, mobile technology takes on a whole new significance.