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Popular Mobile Internet Device Articles for 2001, $100 Off Coupons and other bargains carries travelling accessories for PDAs, Cell phones, and Laptops. They're having a great overstock sale right now, and we have some coupons in this article to help you get[...]

Cheapest price on iPaq 3650 yet?

eCost has a super bargain on the Compaq iPaq 3650, only $329.95 right now, hurry, this certainly won't last! also has a great price, $329.99, is a[...]

10% Off everything at

For anything up to $500 is offering 10% off if you use this special link >> 10% off. has the HP 547 ($326.95 - $32.00 = $294.00)[...]

Sony to release yet another PDA, T600C

One of our faithful members picked this up and posted the info on the discussion boards, here's the thread. SPECIAL OFFER…Sony Clie $450.87

Staples has a $50 off coupon (use coupon code 80147) for a $500 purchase or more, the Clie costs $499.98 (close, but not $500.00). bargainPDA user erikjphoto has suggested[...]

Prices slashed on Handspring PDA’s

Let the price cutting begin! has cut prices on many of the Handspring PDA's, including a $50 reduction on most of the Deluxe units.

Affordable new Visors in sight

Handspring is set to introduce two new midrange handhelds. But analysts say it's a crowded segment of the market that's increasingly losing its luster.

Handspring homes in on midrange

Handspring plans to release two new handhelds into the increasingly crowded midlevel market. The move comes amidst similar activity from rivals such as Palm.

Palm quietly cuts price of m500

Palm quietly cuts price of m500 By Ian Fried Staff Writer, CNET [...]

Palm Adds to Its Lead in Europe

Palm Inc. increased its lead in the European market for handheld computers in the third quarter as sales fell more than one-third amid slowing economic growth, Gartner Inc.'s Dataquest unit[...]

Sony to debut mid-range handheld

Following a price reduction on its low-end device, Sony plans to introduce a mid-range model into its Clie line.

Sony Clie 610 in stock with free shipping and no tax, $399.99! has the Clie 610 in stock and ready to ship for $399.99. They also offer free shipping and tax free sales! That's as good as saving 8% in some[...]

Handhelds try to shake hangover

After a brutal six months, the handheld industry is looking to new midrange devices and wireless access to get past its first major slump.

The Virtual Schmooze – MD’s Using Palms

It's the middle of afternoon rounds in the intensive care unit at Stanford Medical Center when the attending physician asks third-year medical student Nate Evans to order a dose of[...]

Sanyo Readies 3G Video for PDAs

'We see PDAs as a natural step in the evolution of video applications. Wireless video will first be implemented in PDAs before it can be utilized by mid-range mobile phones.'