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Popular Mobile Internet Device Articles for 2002

Rumor Mill: HP readies ultra-thin iPAQ h1900

HP is set to release a new mid-range model, the iPAQ h1900, though little is known about the device at this time.

HP Confirms Mid-Range and High-End iPAQ Plans

HP plans to release two iPAQs before the holiday season: a thin and light mid-range model and a high-end one with 802.11 and Bluetooth. $25 Rebate on all PDAs is offering a $25 off rebate for ALL PDAs with FREE Shipping too. Check out this article to see the PDAs and prices BestBuy has.

HP Introducing Two New iPAQs Next Week

HP has leaked details on two new handhelds to be released next week, a mid-range model and a high-end one. The mid-range model will face some tough competition.

Sony Clie N760 for $250, T415 $150

For a limited time Sony has some great deals on refurbished units. They all come with a 90 day warranty and have a history of being top-notch.

Symbian Rules the Roost in Europe

Symbian OS, with Nokia as its champion, dominates the market for handhelds and smartphones in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa Instant Discounts

Some outstanding instant discounts from are now available!

Confirmation: Acer s50 and Acer s60 to hit the US market within the next month

CNet has learned that Acer plans to take their two new color PDA's to the US, fighting for the very popular and competitive mid-range color PDA market.

Handspring Still Struggling Towards Profitability

Handspring says it sold more Treo smartphones last quarter than ever before but it had to push back its estimate of when it will first be profitable to the middle[...] Guaranteed Low Prices on PDAs has some specials on "guaranteed low prices". Here's a take from their site, click on any links to get through to and see the other deals!

Handspring Treos due out next week

Details of the mid-level color Treo 90 slipped out last week. It looks like the Treo 90 will join the expected Treo 270 as they are both due to be[...]

RUMOR: Apple to enter Smartphone Market

In a New York Times article this week Apple CEO Steve Jobs was quoted as saying "We decided that between now and next year, the PDA is going to be[...]

BBC bans non-Windows PDAs

The BBC is to ban all staff from using handheld devices if they are not running Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 operating system, amid fears for the security of its data.[...]