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Popular Mobile Internet Device Articles for 2009

Apple’s Tablet Could Be Called the iSlate, Have a 10-Inch Screen

In the last few days, there has been a flurry of unconfirmed reports about Apple's plans to release a tablet computer. The latest of these reveals the name -- the[...]

Steve Jobs Is Reportedly Pleased with Apple’s Latest Tablet Design

According to a long series of leaks and rumors, Apple has been toying with making a tablet-shaped computer for years. However, no one at the company could come with with[...]

Apple Very Optimistic About the iSlate: Has Ordered 10 Million Units

According to an industry insider in China, Apple's first tablet computer will have a webcam and a 10.1-inch touchscreen, and will act like both a netbook and an e-book reader.[...]

Microsoft Zune HD First Impressions Review

The next-generation Zune launched today, and Kevin O'Brien brings us his first thoughts on this device. The Zune HD is much more than a simple MP3 player -- rivaling the[...]

The Dell Streak Will Have Android 2.0, Very Large Screen

New details have emerged on Dell's upcoming Mobile Internet Device, the Streak. This will be a small portable computer -- possibly coming to AT&T -- with a variety of wireless[...]

Apple Removes DRM Restrictions from iTunes

Apple announced today that the entire iTunes library will be available without the unpopular restrictions on copying files that were previously in place. This music store also put in place[...]

Next-Generation iPod touch Expected on Wednesday

Apple has scheduled a press event for Sept. 9 where it will almost certainly release a new version of the iPod touch. It's possible the much-rumored Apple tablet will also[...]

There’ll Be Fewer Windows Mobile Models in the Future

Microsoft is going to implement a new strategy for smartphones: in the future, there will be fewer models running Windows Mobile.

Next-Generation iPod touch Could Become a Wi-Fi Phone

Apple is expected to release a new iPod touch in the coming months that will be the first with a built-in microphone, potentially allowing it to make phone calls over[...]

What Happened to the Camera on the New iPod touch?

Last week, Apple released the latest iPod touch. This started a minor mystery: why does this model not include the built-in camera it was supposed to?

Neither an Apple Netbook nor a Mac Tablet Seems Very Likely

There have been persistent rumors for the last several months that Apple is working on either a netbook, a tablet, or maybe even both. But there's a problem: there are[...]

Apple’s Super-Size iPhone Could Debut this Spring

A market analyst has gone out on a limb to predict that Apple will introduce a large tablet computer this spring. Rumors of this device have been circulating for months,[...]

And the Manufacturer of Apple’s Netbook Is Going to Be…

The parade of information about Apple's upcoming netbook continues. The latest report indicates which company may be handling the manufacturing of this device.

Pre-Review of Nokia’s Unannounced N900 Published

A website has reviewed a pre-production version of Nokia's upcoming N900 Internet Tablet, giving a look at where Nokia sees the Maemo platform for upcoming devices.

Apple Makes the iPod touch More Powerful, More Affordable

Apple refreshed its iPod touch line today, introducing two models that are faster and have higher storage capacity. In addition, it has started offering a third model at just $200.

Nokia Has Discontinued the N810 WiMax Internet Tablet

Nokia has reportedly discontinued the recently released N810 WiMax Edition Internet Tablet.

Nokia N900 Officially Unveiled

Nokia has officially announced the Nokia N900, which tries to deliver a PC-like experience on a handset-sized device. This is the first of this company's Internet Tablet series to offer[...]

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK Will Lead to Better PDFs and Ebooks for Phones

Adobe has released an Adobe Reader Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) which will enable content publishers to create optimized PDFs and ebooks for mobile devices.

Details on Apple’s Netbook Trickling Out

One of the most solid reports yet on Apple's rumored plan to release a netbook emerged yesterday, and this has been followed by a additional details today.

Adobe Flash Player for Mobile Devices Will Be Out by Year’s End

Adobe Systems said today it is on schedule to release a beta version of its Flash player for a number of mobile devices this year, and more will follow in[...]