Motorola 2001 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Motorola Articles for 2001

Motorola crosses cell phone with handheld

Motorola has made the equivalent of a conference call, connecting cell phones with handheld computers to develop a new combination device, the Accompli 008.

Motorola to take on BlackBerry: Company to invade RIM s space with new device

Motorola Inc. is poised to launch a product that could deal a deadly blow to Research In Motion Ltd. s position as the sole maker of an always on, e-mail[...]

Motorola breathes fire into Dragonball chips

Motorola on Tuesday made two additions to its Dragonball line of processors for mobile devices, which the company hopes will stave off competition from Intel and Texas Instruments.

Handhelds lure in Intel

Deals with handheld computer makers indicate Intel may be firming up its foothold in the handheld niche. Can it compete with Motorola's Dragonball processor?