Motorola 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Motorola Articles for 2003

Motorola A760 – Linux and Java PDA/Phone (NEW PICS)

Motorola has announced the A760, a flip form factor that looks like a hip Treo 300. It's packed with features like: digital camera, video player, MP3 player, speakerphone, advanced messaging,[...]

Motorola SmartPhone MPx100, MPx220, MPx300

According to the Chinese language newspaper the Commercial Times, Motorola has ordered three new Microsoft Smartphones from Taiwan for its 2004 product lineup to follow-up on this years release of[...]

Motorola MPx200 Smartphone Available in U.S.

The Motorola MPx200 is now available nationwide from AT&T Wireless, making it the first handset running Microsoft's Smartphone 2002 to be widely available in this country.

RumorMill™: Motorola MPx220 Smart Phone Coming in Early 2004

Rumors are already circulating about a replacement for Motorola's MPx200 smart phone. The new version will supposedly offer some significant improvements.

Microsoft’s Smart Phone OS Finally Coming to the U.S.

Motorola has announced the MPx200, a clamshell handset that will run Microsoft's Smartphone OS. Available in the U.S. before the end of the year, the MPx200 will be the[...]

RumorMill™: First Picture of the MPx100 Smart Phone

A picture is now available that may give the first look at an upcoming Windows powered smart phone from Motorola.

Motorola MPx200 Windows Smart Phone Available from AT&T

It's been a long time coming but consumers in the U.S. can now purchase and use a Microsoft Smart Phone from AT&T Wireless in the form of the Motorola MPx200.[...]

RumorMill™: Motorola Planning Not One But Three Windows Mobile Smart Phones

According to a report coming out of Asia, Motorola plans to release next year three Windows Mobile smart phones.

Motorola Plans to Make Pocket PCs

Motorola has announced an agreement under which it will release both Pocket PCs and smart phones running Microsoft mobile operating systems.

First Picture of the Motorola MPx100 Microsoft Smartphone Surfaces

Almost two weeks ago, a Chinese newspaper broke the news that Compal had won a contract to product this new MS Smartphone for Motorola. A picutre has leaked now that[...]

RumorMill™: Strong Evidence of MPx220 Found

A document has been found that all but proves the existence of the Motorola MPx220, which will be the replacement for the company's MPx200.

Motorola MPx200 Smart Phone Available for Free from Amazon is currently offering Motorola's new MPx200 smart phone for free after a number of rebates available to those starting a new wireless service account with AT&T.

Thinking of Picking Up a Microsoft Smartphone? Think Again.

Microsoft's smartphone platform has just recently come to fruition in the US with the release of Motorola's MPx200 and Samsung's i600. Walt Mossberg has tested both and doesn't like the[...]

Motorola A920 Released in Europe

One of the most advanced integrated devices to date, the A920 from Motorola will finally see the light. Running the Symbian OS, the A920 brings the normal PDA functions to[...]

Motorola to Release the MPx220 Smartphone in February

If you thought the free MPx200 at Amazon was too good to be true, it was, sort of. It seems AT&T wants to clear out the old models quickly, as[...]

Motorola Picks Linux for New Smartphone

Motorola has passed over the Palm OS, Symbian, and Microsoft's various offerings in favor of using Linux in a new multimedia smartphone coming out later this year.

Motorola Announcing Smartphone Reference Design

Motorola has developed the i.Smart reference design to help companies create wireless devices. It could be the basis for future Palm OS or Pocket PC models.

Motorola MPx200 Smart Phone Available for $80 is currently offering Motorola's new MPx200 smart phone for only $80 after a number of rebates available to those starting a new wireless service account with AT&T.

BrightBytes™: HP ROM Update, T665C, Motorola, and More

There is a new version of the ROM Update for the h3950 and h3955 iPAQs that doesn't have the flaw the previous one did, Sony no longer offers the T665C,[...]

Motorola Leaving Symbian Partnership

Motorola plans to sell its share of the company that makes the Symbian OS to Nokia and Psion. However, it will continue to use the operating system in future smart[...]