Motorola 2004 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Motorola Articles for 2004

Motorola Officially Announces Upcoming MPx100 and MPx Devices (pics)

Motorola has officially unveiled its upcoming Smartphone devices at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes France. The device we were referring to as the MPx300 turns out to be[...]

Motorola Announces Innovative Pocket PC Phone

Motorola has revealed many of the details of its upcoming MPx, a cellular-wireless Pocket PC that will include multiple forms of wireless networking, a keyboard, and a camera.

Brighthand’s First Impressions of the Motorola MPx

The Motorola MPx is on display at CTIA Wireless 2004 and Brighthand's Ed Hardy was able form some preliminary impressions of this cellular-wireless Pocket PC with an innovative shape.

RumorMill™: The MPx300 Is a Pocket PC Phone

Several pictures of what is supposed to be the Motorola MPx300 show that this model will run the Phone Edition of Windows Mobile for Pocket PC. It will also have[...]

Motorola Gives New Information on MPx

Motorola has released some more information about its upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC, though some facts still remain unknown.

RumorMill™: First Pictures of the MPx220 Available

Some pictures and additional details have been leaked on Motorola's replacement for the MPx200 smart phone. This device is expected to be available around the middle of the[...]

First Picture of the Upcoming Motorola MPx300 Released

So far I've not been a huge fan of the Smartphone platform, for both hardware and software reasons. Motorola could change my mind though, the MPx300 looks pretty hot. This[...]

Motorola MPx Will Have an Unusual Memory Arrangement

Additional details have come to light about Motorola's upcoming cellular-wireless handheld. It uses a new memory arrangement that might be the model for future Pocket PCs.

Motorola Shows Off First Smartphone for Nextel

Motorola has given the world a sneak peek of what will be the first smartphone available from Nextel.

Two High-End Symbian Smart Phones Announced

Though both the Motorola A1000 and Panasonic X700 run the Symbian OS, they have very different shapes and capabilities.

RumorMill™: More Details on the MPx220 and MPx100

More details are now available about the camera and memory card slot of the Motorola MPx220. Also the first pictures of its sister model, the MPx100, have been leaked.

MPx220 Smartphone Officially Unveiled by Motorola

Today, Motorola finally ended its long silence and announced the successor to its MPx200. Unlike the original model, the MPx220 will have Bluetooth and a 1.2 megapixel camera.

What Happened to the Motorola MPx?

Today came the first word of Motorola's innovative cellular-wireless Pocket PC in months.

Motorola MPx220 Delayed to Mid-Year

Reportedly, the release of an upcoming Windows Mobile smart phone from Motorola is going to happen several months later than expected.

RumorMill&trade: Latest Information on the Motorola MPx220 (Updated)

A list of specifications has been found for a smart phone that Motorola has not yet announced.

MPx May Be Delayed Until 2005

Motorola's innovative cellular-wireless handheld may not hit the market until next year.

Upgrade a MPx200 to Windows Mobile 2003 (Updated)

When Motorola and AT&T introduced the MPx200 last year, it ran Microsoft's Smartphone 2002. Now an unofficial upgrade to the latest version of this operating system is available.

Motorola A630 Smartphone Sports Keyboard, Camera (Updated)

Motorola's latest smartphone has a clamshell design with a QWERTY keyboard and a screen that supports both landscape and portrait modes.

Apple Talks About Mobile Phone Plans

Apple and Motorola could soon unveil a mobile phone with iTunes support as early as next month.

Motorola MPx220 Debuting Next Week

Reportedly, the highly-anticipated Motorola MPx220 smartphone will hit the market next Monday. This will offer several improvements over its predecessor, the MPx200.