NFC 2011 SmartPhone Articles

Popular NFC Articles for 2011

Samsung Nexus S 4G Review

The Samsung Nexus S 4G is a WiMAX-enabled version of the smartphone Google recommends for developers. It sports an innovative curved display, NFC, and many other high-end features. Read this[...]

4G World: The Future of NFC

Speakers at the NFC Summit at this year's 4G World had plenty to say about the future of NFC (Near Field Communications) and its potential applications for mobile payments and[...]

Smartphones Are Turning into Wireless Wallets

An emerging wireless standard called Near Field Communications (NFC) could allow us to someday use our smartphones like credit cards. But rival technologies and security concerns might prevent this from[...]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 To Sport Touchscreens, Keyboards, BlackBerry OS 7

RIM has just taken the wraps off the BlackBerry Bold 9900 series, which will be the first in this series to have both a keyboard and a touchscreen. These slim[...]

Apple iPhone 5 Will Not Feature NFC

Apple has supposedly disclosed in meetings with large mobile operators in the U.K. that NFC (near field communications) would not be making its way onto the next iPhone, which means[...]

Android OS 2.3.3 Coming to Samsung Nexus S Bringing NFC Support

Google is releasing an Android OS 2.3.3 update to the Samsung Nexus S, and with it comes a special new feature: near field communications. A still-emerging technology, NFC is expected[...]

Debate Begins Over iPhone 5 NFC

As it stands right now, the word on the street is that the iPhone 5 will not feature near field communications (NFC), but recent rumblings from friends-of-friends have people thinking[...]