NFC 2012 SmartPhone Articles

Popular NFC Articles for 2012

BYOD Smartphones, PCs and Tablets Raise Big Security Risks, Experts Say

Employees bringing their own devices to work (BYOD) can raise big security risks, according to newly released research. At this week's RSA Conference, though, vendors announced some new technologies that[...]

Samsung TecTiles Review: NFC Tap Technology in Sticker Form

NFC is coming to a smartphone near you, and Samsung TecTiles show that near field communication is not limited to mobile payments. It can be used to share content and[...]

Nokia Phi, Windows Phone 8 Successor to the Lumia 800, in the Works

Nokia has a successor to the Lumia 800 in the pipeline, codenamed Nokia Phi, and the Windows Phone 8 handset will reportedly be released in the last week of October.

Samsung Reveals TecTiles, Programmable NFC Stickers for Android Smartphones

Android smartphones with near field communication (NFC) have a new accessory to take advantage of the tap technology.

Motorola Droid RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD Now Available from Verizon

The Droid RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD from Motorola are both available on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network starting today. These are qute similar, but offer shoppers some[...]

Sneak Peek: iCaisse4X Will Add NFC Payments to iPhone While Raising Battery Life

A Google Wallet rival is now working with big banks and mobile carriers to test a new device that will retrofit existing iPhones and Android OS phones to let you[...]

Apple’s Next-Generation iPhone Could Include NFC

Information leaking out of Apple indicates that the next iPhone is going to have NFC (Near Field Communications). If true, it will enable this smartphone to be used like a[...]

LG Viper 4G LTE Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

The wait is almost over for those who have been eagerly awaiting Sprint's first smartphone with LTE. But the situation isn't that clear - even though the LG Viper 4G[...]

Sprint Now Taking Pre-Orders for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Launching on Sunday

A device likely to be one of Sprint's top sellers can now be pre-ordered: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This cutting-edge Android smartphone, one of this carrier's first with 4G LTE,[...]

StubHub To Enhance Its Mobile Apps for Ticket Sales to Music Concerts & Sports Events

New features in StubHub will include "interactive walkthroughs" of stadiums, plus the ability to invite friends to events. Some day, you might be able to order pretzels.