Nokia 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Nokia Articles for 2003

Brighthand Reviews the Nokia 3650 phone

The Nokia 3650 is more than just the phone with the funny-looking keypad. It's an excellent tri-band phone with most of the features found in today?s high-end cell phones, including[...]

Is the N-Gage Doomed?

Nokia’s combination game player and mobile phone won’t be available for months but many in the gaming industry already have serious doubts about it.

Nokia Announces 3620 Smart Phone

Nokia has announced the 3620, a new smart phone that is very similar to its popular 3650. However, the new model will use a better screen and drop the unusual[...]

Nokia’s N-Gage Gaming Cell Phone Now Available

While all smart phones can play some games, gaming is the N-Gage’s primary focus. This device is now available worldwide, including many retailers in the U.S.

N-Gage Gaming Cell Phone Debuting Next Week

While all smart phones can play games, gaming is the N-Gage's primary focus. The worldwide launch of this device is set for a week from today.

AppForge Supports .NET Platform, Adds Palm OS 5 and Series 60 Support

AppForge has released two applications for developers. Crossfire is a mobile and wireless application development environment for Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the .NET platform. And the latest version of[...]

Motorola Leaving Symbian Partnership

Motorola plans to sell its share of the company that makes the Symbian OS to Nokia and Psion. However, it will continue to use the operating system in future smart[...]

Nokia Officially Launches N-Gage, Mobile Gaming Machine

Nokia's N-Gage doesn't really qualify as a PDA and the early reviews on it have been pretty poor, but it's officially available for sale today nonetheless.

PDA News – iPAQ h5400 Series Advisory, Point of Sale Software Distribution, PowerPoint on Nokia Series 60, McCollister Releases McEcho

HP has issued a customer advisory that covers memory issues while using WiFi Imagine being able to visit a beaming station at your local wireless store to buy PDA[...]

Details Emerge on Palm OS Gaming Machine – Tapwave Helix

Last week we brought you news that PalmSource had come to terms with two new licensees that would be niche players. Tapwave is the first of these two to come[...]

PDA News: Palm loses Handera but gains memory, Nokia Cruises

Iowa Company HandEra gives up on producing Palm devices. Palm Solutions Group Announces Memory Innovation; 128MB capability combined with more efficient file storage could challenge PPC Platform. Nokia[...]