Nokia 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Nokia Articles for 2005

Nokia 9300 Smartphone Review

Outside of the US, the Nokia 9300 is old hat. About a year after its global release though, the 9300 will gain fresh legs in the US. It is expected[...]

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet – Full Review

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is a device in a class of its own. It is not a Tablet PC. It is not a PDA. It's not a phone or[...]

Nokia 6682 Review

A few weeks ago we brought you a review of the Nokia 9300, another Smartphone with similar goals as the 6682, but an entirely different approach. The 6682 is distinctly[...]

Nokia E60, E61 and E70 First Thoughts

While the names aren't very interesting and far too similar, this new set of Smartphones from Nokia still manages to stand out, largely because of their design. The Nokia E61[...]

Where’s the Nokia 9300 Smartphone?

The Smartphone has been a tough place to make money. We all know that any PDA company worth anything either has a Smartphone, or otherwise data oriented device, or is[...]

Motorola Q, RAZRWIRE and Nokia 770 Internet Tablet on Display

We attended a press event that is usually filled with PDAs and Smartphones, this time around though it was much more quiet. That doesn't mean there was nothing to see[...]

Analysts Say Nokia Might Drop Symbian OS

A European market research and consulting firm says that Nokia might be considering dropping the Symbian OS in favor of Linux.

Nokia Developing Internet Tablet

Nokia has announced plans to release this fall a Linux-based device dedicated to accessing the Internet.

Nokia Still Committed to N-Gage

Despite rumors to the contrary, Nokia says it remains committed to its N-Gage QD gaming-oriented smartphone.

Nokia Internet Tablet Now Available

Nokia is now shipping its Linux-based 770 Internet Tablet in Europe, and it will be available in the United States next week.

Nokia Takes the Wraps off Three Camera-Oriented Smartphones

Nokia today announced a series of new camera-oriented smartphones. All of these will use the Series 60 platform on top of the Symbian OS.

Nokia Licenses Microsoft’s ActiveSync

An agreement announced to day will allow wireless and direct synchronization between Microsoft Exchange Server and future Nokia smartphones and wireless handhelds.

N-Gage Technology to Expand to Other Nokia Smartphones

Rather than creating a third gaming-oriented smartphone, Nokia will use N-Gage technology to make a wide variety of smartphones better at playing games.

Possible Next Generation N-Gage Specifications Leaked

A gaming web site claims it has been leaked many of the details on the next version of Nokia's gaming-oriented smartphone.

Where is the Nokia 770?

Nokia has bumped back the release of its first Internet Tablet in order to give developers more time to work on its built-in software.

PDA News – Site slowness, Palm TX hack, NGage dead

Traffic spike causes site slowdown Palm TX modified for voice recording Nokia drops NGage line CEA to standardize on connectors Cingular to[...]

Nokia 770 Gets FCC Approval

The FCC has given Nokia permission to release in the U.S. this company's first Internet Tablet.

Nokia Bringing WiFi to 9300

Nokia has announced plans to add WiFi to one of its popular cellular-wireless handhelds.

Nokia Cuts the U.S. Price of the N-Gage QD in Half

Nokia has just slashed the price for the N-Gage QD in the United States. Games designed for this smartphone have also been reduced.

Nokia U.S.A. Taking Pre-orders for Internet Tablet

More than a week after debuting in Europe, Nokia's first Internet Tablet is still not available in the United States. However, this company is accepting pre-orders for this device.