Nokia 2006 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Nokia Articles for 2006

Nokia E61 Review

In this guest review, long-time smartphone user Perry Longinotti shares his thoughts on a new business-oriented devices from Nokia. The E61 offers an impressive list of features, including a built-in[...]

Nokia E62 Review

Adama D. Brown tests out a new S60 smartphone now being offered by Cingular Wireless.

Cingular Now Offering Nokia E62

After being announced a few weeks ago, Cingular Wireless is now exclusively offering a Symbian S60 smartphone.

Nokia Unveils Three Innovative New S60 Smartphones

Mobile phone giant Nokia has taken the wraps of three new smartphones in its consumer-targeted N series: the N93, N73, and N72. All of them run S60 Third Edition on[...]

Nokia 770 Doing Surprisingly Well

Demand for Nokia's Linux-based Internet Tablet has turned out to be greater than even its creator expected.

Is this the Nokia E90?

Recently, some very sketchy details have emerged on what might be a future cellular-wireless handheld from Nokia.

Nokia Now Shipping Two New Consumer-Oriented Smartphones

Nokia has begun shipping two new smartphones in its consumer-targeted N series: the N93 and N73.

SanDisk Introduces 2 GB microSD Card

To address the needs of those who want to store a great many songs on their smartphones, SanDisk is introducing a 2 GB card that uses one of the tiniest[...]

Most Popular PDAs and Smartphones of October 2006

Fall is in full swing, which means the holiday shopping season is right around the corner. That's why Brighthand's monthly top 10 list is dominated by new models.

Most Popular PDAs and Smartphones of November 2006

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most popular handhelds and smartphones. Fall is the time for new devices, and this month's list is dominated by handhelds and smartphones[...]

The Revolution Will Be Unwired

In this week's editorial, Adama Brown discusses the effect the next-generation of the wireless Internet will have on mobile devices.

Nokia E Series Debuting Later this Month

Nokia is on track to meet its self-imposed deadline and have three new business-oriented smartphones in consumers' hands by the end of this month.

Cingular Now Widely Offering Nokia 9300 Communicator

A major U.S. cellular provider is finally going to offer one of Nokia's cellular-wireless handhelds to the general public.

Nokia Unveils N80 Internet Edition

Nokia has announced a Series 60 smartphone focused on giving users access to Internet services.

First Glimpse of a Thin Nokia Smartphone

According to some some images that have appeared on the Web, Nokia intends to introduce a replacement for the E61/E62 called the E62i that will be much thinner than its[...]

Nokia Introduces S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1

Nokia has taken the wraps off Feature Pack 1 for its S60 3rd Edition, a user interface for Symbian OS-based smartphones.

Google Teaming Up With the Nokia 770

The Nokia 770 has been on the market since late last year, but it hasn't exactly taken the world by storm. This might change if a recent deal between its[...]

PDA News – 8 GB smartphone, Nokia E61, Toshiba returns?

Samsung announces 8 GB smartphone Nokia E61 coming to US Report: Toshiba planning return to market

Nokia Bringing Out Sports-Oriented Smartphone

Nokia has just announced the 5500 Sport, an smartphone targeted at athletes. The S60 device's most unique feature is a built-in pedometer.

Nokia Readying 4 GB Smartphone

Nokia intends to leap on the bandwagon and put out a device with an internal microdrive.