Nokia 2007 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Nokia Articles for 2007

Nokia N95 Review

The N95 is the flagship multimedia computer/smartphone device by Nokia. Offering a drool-worthy list of features, it's designed to do a lot in an extremely pocketable package. Antoine Wright brings[...]

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review

The latest in Nokia's Internet Tablet series of traditional handhelds is the N810, the first with integrated GPS capabilities and a slide-out keyboard. Ed Hardy brings us this review.

Nokia E61i Review

The Nokia E61i is a Symbian/S60 smartphone with an emphasis on business. It features a built-in keyboard, 3G cellular-wireless networking, and Wi-Fi. Antoine Wright has a review.

iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard Review

For many, a smartphone or handheld is he center of a mobile office. Ed Hardy says a lot of these people could benefit from an iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard.

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet First Thoughts Review

This week, Nokia announced its second generation Internet Tablet. Brighthand's Ed Hardy was able to put this brand new device through its paces, and brings us his first thoughts on[...]

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Review

Antoine Wright brings us this review of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, a device that's about the size of a smartphone or handheld but offers a lot more functionality.

Nokia N95 First Thoughts Review

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, Brighthand's Antoine Wright got to spend a good deal of time with Nokia's top of the heap model, the N95[...]

Mozilla Commits to Firefox for Windows Mobile

Last month, the Mozilla Corporation promised to devote much more time and resources to a version of its web browser for smartphones. At that time, though, it didn't specify which[...]

Nokia N810 First Thoughts

A new model in Nokia's Internet Tablet series will be on the market soon, and Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief has some first thoughts on the N810 after spending a bit of time[...]

Nokia Unveils Two 8 GB Smartphones

In a shot clearly aimed at Apple's iPhone, Nokia has taken the wraps off two upcoming smartphones with 8 GB of built-in storage: the N95 and the N81.

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of March 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most popular handhelds and smartphones. There was a strong interest in upcoming models in March, as three of the top ten products[...]

Nokia E90 Communicator Unveiled

Nokia has taken the wraps off three new cellular-wireless devices targeted at enterpise users. This includes the Nokia E90 Communicator, the model that will be the new flagship of this[...]

Nokia N800 with WiMax in Development

Sprint reportedly plans to release next year a version of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet with the 4G cellular-wireless networking standard Mobile WiMAX.

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of February 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most popular handhelds and smartphones. Possibly the most interesting shift in February was that all the traditional handhelds on this list improved[...]

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of May 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most handhelds and smartphones readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. There was a resurgence of interest[...]

Palm Acquisition May Be Announced in Two Days

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Palm, Inc. is going to be bought by another company, and supposedly a deal could be announced as early as this Thursday.

Palm and Handhelds: The Writing Is on the Wall

A few months ago, Ed Hardy asked for people's opinions on what features Palm's next traditional handheld ought to have. He now explains why compiling these into a list of[...]

Is Nokia Going to Buy Palm?

Rumors and speculation are heating up that Palm, Inc. will be acquired by another company, with Nokia supposedly being one of the top contenders.

Nokia Delivers Free Downloadable Maps for Windows Mobile and S60 Devices

Nokia has announced that its smart2go mapping and navigation platform is now available as a free download for some Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

Nokia’s N75 Clamshell Smartphone Finally Available

Although Nokia first announced the N75 early last fall, this slim S60 smartphone has only now gone on sale.