Orange 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Orange Articles for 2003

Orange Takes the Wraps off the SPV E200

European wireless carrier Orange has announced the SPV E200, a smart phone that runs Windows Mobile 2003 and offers Bluetooth and a camera.

BrightBytes™: h5400 Update, 1 GB CF, SPV e100 and More

HP has released a ROM update for the iPAQ h5400 series, Amazon has a low price for a 1 GB CF card, Orange SA's new Smartphone 2002 device has been[...]

PDA News – Free Sidekick, Tungsten T Patch, Unlimited GPRS Data, Handmark Upgrades MobileDB, More…

Get a Sidekick for free after $250 rebate Palm has released their second Tungsten T patch in two weeks Orange UK has launched flat rate GPRS pricing [...]

Treo 600 To Be Released Next Week – In Europe

The Register is reporting that Orange will begin selling its branded version of the Treo 600 as early as next week. This news can't sit well for US customers considering[...]

PDA News: Palm and Sega Unite, Garmin iQue Pre-Order, Handspring Rebounds

Sega and Palm have partnered to launch five classic Sega arcades for the Tungsten T and Tungsten C. Garmin iQue is available for pre-order, the catch is it won't[...]