Palm 2002 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Palm Articles for 2002

Brighthand Reviews the Tungsten T

Brighthand reviews Palm's latest handheld, the Tungsten T, which includes Palm OS 5, a high-res screen, Bluetooth, and more.

New Samsung SCH-I600 Details (Pictures) update!

No release dates on this device yet, but Samsung has decided to produce a PDA / Cell phone combo that runs on a Microsoft OS instead of their usual Palm[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Palm Zire

The new Palm Zire has been designed to appeal to entry-level users with its high-tech look and $99 price tag.

BrightBytes™: Launcher X, VersaMail, EverQuest

Launcher X has finally been released, Palm has made the email client on the Tungsten T available to everyone, Pocket PC users will soon be able to play EverQuest, and[...]

Brighthand Reviews the AlphaSmart Dana

The Dana is a rugged word processor that runs the Palm OS. It has an extra-wide screen and a full-size keyboard.

Review: Palm Tungsten T — Bluetooth Anyone?

The Palm Tungsten T is really the first new PDA they've released since the m130. Sure the m515 came out in between, but wasn't it just a re-hash of the[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie NX70V

The NX70V is Sony's new high-end model with a 320 by 480 pixel screen, plus an integrated video camera and a keyboard. It runs Palm OS 5 on a[...]

Palm Oslo and Palm OS 5.0 (Pics) update!

Many sources are now stating that the Palm device code named "Oslo" that was rumored for release next month, will if fact not be released at all. It seems that[...]

REVIEW: Pocket Solution’s “The Cover Up” Screen Protector

PDA Screens are easy to break, and very expensive to repair. In fact, if you break your PDA screen you'll pay almost as much as the device to fix[...]

New Software Available for Palm OS 5

Updated Developers are releasing new versions of their applications to ensure compatibility with Palm OS 5, and even take advantage of the faster processors available on the new handhelds.

Palm Analyst Day

Palm executives brief Wall Street analysts on the status of Palm, including the new Tungsten models. Brighthand's Steve Bush reports from New York.

New pictures of the Palm Tungsten T

Thanks to a Russian PDA site,, we have a few new pictures of the Tungsten T, in hand. It looks smaller than I expected, escpecially next to the Jornada.

Turn your Palm OS PDA into a universal remote

Phillips has released software to turn any Palm OS PDA into a universal remote control. Sony has added remote control software to some of their more recent models, but this[...]

Astraware releases Bejeweled game for Palm OS 5

Bejeweled has long been a favorite of Palm owners. Astraware has taken this classic and updated it for the new Palm OS5 devices including the Palm Tungsten T and the[...]

Kyocera 7135 Palm OS Smartphone Due Tomorrow

The long-awaited Kyocera 7135 Palm OS smartphone will be available on Friday from ALLTEL. It offers a clamshell design, an SD/MMC slot, and an MP3 player.

RealOne Player for Tungsten T by end of year

As has been rumored since the release of the Tungsten T, Real Networks has announced it is going to put out a version of its RealOne Player for Palm's latest[...]

REVIEW: Quickoffice 6 – Office File Editing for the Palm

While writing a novel on your PDA is certainly not recommended, having a great Office Suite to be able to store, read and do simple edits on those Office docs[...]

HOW TO: Choosing a PDA Based on Memory Storage Type

The world of PDAs can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing, you have to choose between Palm OS, Pocket PC or Linux and then determine which manufacturer you trust that makes[...]

REVIEW: FatFinger by Avaion

Enter text quickly and accurately with finger-sized keyboards for your Palm OS handheld: no Graffiti, no extra hardware, not even a stylus!

PDA News Bits – SD to CF adapter, MP3 software for the Tungsten T and two cool CF cards

Panasonic has an SD to CF converter being sold in Japan Aeroplayer is in Beta 2 and has added support for MP3's on Palm OS 5 devices Lifeview[...]