Palm 2006 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Palm Articles for 2006

RIM Blackberry 8700 Review

Research In Motion's Blackberry email devices are enjoying quite the boom these days, on par with Palm's Treo smartphones. Brighthand's chief reviewer, Adama D. Brown, took a look at RIM's[...]

Palm Treo 700p Review

Brighthand's chief reviewer, Adama D. Brown, brings us his hands-on review of Palm's latest smartphone, the Treo 700p.

A First Look at the Palm Treo 680

After getting some hands-on time with Palm's latest smartphone, the Treo 680, Brian Beeler brings us his impressions, along with numerous pictures.

How To Speed Up Your Mobile Web Surfing

Step-by-step instructions for how to change the DNS server on your Palm, Pocket PC, or Smartphone -- a simple process that can decrease the time it takes many devices to[...]

Palm Treo 700w Review

Good gadget or evil impostor? Palm's newest smartphone, the Treo 700w, sparked fervent partisanship before it was even out, but now we have a final breakdown of the good, the[...]

Treo 750 Announcement Coming September 12

There have been rumors for quite some time that Palm, Inc. is going to announce its next smartphone next month, and this has now been officially confirmed by the company.

Palm Treo 680 First Impressions Review

Brighthand's Antoine Wright has spent several days with the newest Treo, and is ready to share his first impressions of this Palm OS-based smartphone.

Brighthand’s First Impressions of the Palm Treo 700w

Ed Hardy has only had Palm's latest smartphone for a few days, but that's enough time to learn that most of the criticism of this device is unwarranted.

Garmin iQue 3000 GPS PDA Review

Brighthand's chief reviewer, Adama D. Brown, takes Garmin's iQue 3000 for a spin. This handheld is an attempt to entice users with the prospect of combining GPS-guided navigation and Palm[...]

Palm Treo 700wx First Impressions Review

Sprint PCS has recently launched its first Windows Mobile Treo, and Ed Hardy brings us his thoughts after using this smartphone for a short time.

A Year with Fossil’s Tech Watches

Staff Writer and long-time handheld user Shawn Barnett brings his experiences with Fossil's Palm OS-based Wrist PDA and one of its rivals using Microsoft's Wrist Net technology.

Head-to-Head Review of Navigation Software for Palm OS

As many people get ready to travel during this holiday season, Brighthand forum moderator Magellan has a review comparing three Palm OS applications that provide GPS navigation.

Possible First Glimpse of the Treo 800p (Updated)

Some possible details have emerged about Palm's first super-slim smartphone, code-named Hollywood.

Images of the First Linux-Based Palm OS Appear

After PalmSource revealed some additional details on the next version of the Palm OS last week, this company gave some demonstrations of this upcoming operating system. Some pictures of it[...]

Palm Treo 680 and Treo 750 Images on Cingular Revealed

The web site of Palm's affiliated software store has posted pictures of the Palm Treo 680 and the Palm Treo 750 with Cingular branding.

Skype Comes to Palm OS Treos

A company called EQO Communications has introduced an application that lets some of the latest Treo models use the Skype service to make voice calls for free.

Palm Commits to Adding Wi-Fi to Future Treos

Palm's CEO has just announced that Wi-Fi to short-range wireless networking will be built into upcoming Treo models.

What’s the Difference Between the Two Types of Windows Mobile?

Many of the most popular smartphones bear the Windows Mobile logo, but anyone considering buying one of these should be aware that there are two very different versions of Windows[...]

PDA News – Loox rumors, SDIO video-out, Palm rumors & price cuts.

Reports: Loox phone details, new handhelds Video out card for SDIO slots? Palm Lifedrive 2 rumor probably false; Palm cuts Lifedrive retail price

Possible First Glimpse of the Treo 700p

Pictures and a description of what is supposedly the next Palm OS smartphone have emerged.