Palm 2009 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Palm Articles for 2009

Palm Pre Review

Expectations for the Palm Pre are almost impossibly high, but Ed Hardy says this device just about lives up to them. It is easy to use but powerful, and has[...]

Palm Pre and webOS Preview

At long last, Palm, Inc. has unveiled its new operating system and the first device that will run it. Brighthand's Ed Hardy has been extensively briefed on the webOS and[...]

Palm Pixi First Impressions Review

The new Palm Pixi is in many ways a successor to the Palm Centro: small, inexpensive, and useful. Jen Edwards says the second webOS-based smartphone -- which debuted from Sprint[...]

Best Buy Leaks Palm Pre’s Price and Launch Date

Two of the most frequently asked questions may finally have answers. Information leaking out of the retailer Best Buy gives the price and -- possibly -- the release date for[...]

Adobe Flash Player for Android, webOS Will Be Available in 2010

Adobe Systems has promised users of phones running Google's Android and Palm's webOS that they will get a browser plug-in with Flash support in the first half of next year.[...]

Palm’s webOS Software Catalog Closing in on 1,000 Apps

Palm's webOS is the newest of the mobile operating systems, so it's not surprising that it has the smallest number of third-party applications. Still, that number has grown significantly in[...]

Palm Pre Available for AT&T and T-Mobile Customers

AT&T and T-Mobile customers can now get a Palm Pre without having to switch to Sprint. There are a few caveats, though, as this version of the first webOS smartphone[...]

Verizon May Be Getting the Palm Pre Plus

Information leaking out of Verizon Wireless indicates that this carrier will soon be offering an enhanced version of the Palm Pre. The unveiling of this new model could come as[...]

Palm Pixi Preview

The second webOS-powered smartphone, the Palm Pixi, will be released by Sprint later this year. Ed Hardy has already had a chance to try out this upcoming device, and brings[...]

Palm Pre Will Support Sprint’s ”Phone As Modem”

Potential buyers of the Palm Pre should be pleased to learn that this upcoming smartphone will be able to act as a modem for a second computer, like a laptop[...]

Analysts Say the Palm Pre Could Sell for Significantly Less than the iPhone

No one outside of Sprint knows what this carrier is going to charge for the hotly-anticipated Palm Pre, but some market analysts have gone out on a limb to say[...]

MotionApps Classic Palm OS Emulator Review

MotionApps Classic is an emulator that allows the Palm Pre to run legacy Palm OS software. Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us this review.

Details on the webOS-Based Palm Eos Leak Out

The original Palm Pre has not yet been released and a full description of the follow-up model has already emerged. The Palm Eos will supposedly be much thinner than its[...]

Palm Pre Starting to Arrive at Sprint Stores

Sprint stores are starting to receive the Palm Pre -- a strong sign that the release of this highly-anticipated smartphone is drawing close. Updated

Why the Palm Pre Is Important

Some who are just looking at the rather basic specifications of the upcoming Palm Pre are wondering what all the excitement is about. But the Pre will be more than[...]

Buy a Refurbished iPhone or BlackBerry from AT&T, Save Money

Want to buy a smartphone but don't want to put down big bucks during these hard economic times? Consider getting something refurbished from AT&T. Some of this carrier'sbest devices, including[...]

Best Buy Will Offer the Palm Pre at $200 without Mail-in Rebate

Yesterday, Sprint announced that it will charge $200 for the Palm Pre, but to get that price customers will have to send in a mail-in rebate. There's a way to[...]

Palm webOS Announced

Palm has taken the wraps off its newest operating system the Palm webOS which features a "cards" based metaphor, and is driven by JavaScript and CSS web-based technologies.

Palm Pixi Video Preview

The Palm Pixi is debuting today, and Brighthand has a video overview of this new device, the second with Palm's webOS. This smartphone has a slimmer design than its predecessor,[...]

Several Companies Bringing Desktop Synchronization to Palm Pre

Palm's webOS has been designed to synchronize user data with online services like Google and Facebook. There are many who would prefer to sync their data with applications on their[...]