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Popular Palm Articles for 2012

StyleTap Brings Palm OS Apps to Android

Palm Treo devotees and those longing to run some old Palm OS apps on their new Android smartphones can rejoice!StyleTap has just released a platform for Google's operating system, allowing[...]

Something Old, Something New: Companies Focus on Recycling, Re-Using Outdated Phones

Old handsets that end up in landfills leak toxic chemicals into the soil and groundwater. But there are programs that make it easy for consumers to recycle, and even make[...]

Smartphone Battery Life a Critical Factor for Customer Satisfaction, According to Study

As smartphone ownership increases, so does the demand for overall satisfaction from these devices. The biggest factor currently affecting customer satisfaction is smartphone battery life and performance, according to a[...]

BLOG: How HP Pulled the Rug Out from Under Palm

A new blog post from Brighthand's site editor takes a look at some new information on what HP's original plan was to make Palm's webOS into serious competition for the[...]