Palm OS 2001 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Palm OS Articles for 2001

A Palm from the Plains

That's the question for Palm's smallest licensee, a 40-person Iowa company called HandEra. The company, which until recently was known as TRG Products, plans to announce Monday a Palm OS-based[...]

Details: Sony 710 OS update

As of November, Sony Electronics will make available an option to upgrade CLI PEG-N710C handhelds from Palm operating system (OS) 3.5.2 to the latest version (Palm OS 4.1).

Palm Launches New Initiative to Silicon Solution Providers Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments and ARM to Kick-start ARM Powered(R) Innovation

Consistent with its strategy to fuel innovation and broaden the market for Palm Powered(R) devices, Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM) today announced that key suppliers of ARM(R) core-based[...]

Fossil unveils PDA wristwatch

As if cross-platform IR-talking between PDAs wasn't enough (PPC 2002 and Palm OS PDAs now talk natively), Fossil now aims to let them talk with the their new wristwatch, too.

Fortune 1000 IT Departments Turning to the Palm OS Platform for Mobile

Survey Reveals Majority of Fortune 1000 Respondents Select Palm OS as Enterprise Handheld Standard

Midway plays arcade games on Palm

Palm OS handheld users can now turn their PDAs into gaming machines with the release of a suite of classic arcade games for the platform.

International Mobile Gaming with the Palm OS

GIC-Software, a Los Gatos, CA based entertainment software development company, announced Wednesday a new game system for devices running the Palm OS. The games are multi-player Internet games designed for[...]

Leader in Education Technology Teams With Palm to Further Cost-effective, Portable Technology Solutions for Schools

AlphaSmart, Inc., a leading provider of technology solutions for education, and Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM),the leading provider of operating systems for use in handheld computers and the leading provider[...]

Rumor: Panasonic to Licence Palm OS, Make ARM-Based Handheld

A source who has spoken with a former Palm employee says that Panasonic is going to announce early next week that they have licenced the Palm OS. Even better, they[...]

Palm launches new OS developer program

Snuggling up to its developers, Palm Inc. on Tuesday announced a new two-level Palm OS developer program, a new certifying program, and online training courses.

Acer unveils palm-based PDA

(IDG) -- Acer has pulled the wraps off its S10 personal digital assistant, the first such device to be based on the Chinese version of the Palm OS.

New Clie in the US as early as Setpember 17th!

The PEG-N760C could be announced as early as 17 September in the US, with features such as MP3 and ATRAC3 playback, and an upgraded Palm OS 4.1 operating system. The[...]

Handspring strikes corporate data alliance

Where Palm failed, Palm OS licensee Handspring is hoping to succeed - in the corporate mobile data arena.

ZFrame Sends Web Page Replicas To Mobile Devices

General adoption of mobile devices has long been hampered by the fact that screen sizes vary, processors can't handle data-intensive applications like graphics, and access to the Internet is difficult.[...]

The ultimate guide to wireless e-mail devices

OK, we admit it--reviews of wireless email devices and add-on modems aren't as easy to find as they should be on CNET Wireless. Part of the problem is that they[...]