Palm OS 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Palm OS Articles for 2003

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie TG50

The new Sony Clie PEG-TG50 is the company's latest Palm OS 5 model. It includes a high-resolution screen, an integrated keyboard, and Bluetooth wireless networking.

Handspring Unveils Treo 600

After giving a sneak peak of the device last week, Handspring has taken the wraps off its next-generation smartphone with Palm OS 5, a digital camera, and an SD slot.[...]

Hands on the Palm Wireless Keyboard

One of Palm's latest accessory offerings is a keyboard that uses infrared to communicate with a handheld, which means it can be used with almost any Palm OS model. Brighthand's[...]

2004: The Year of VGA

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief predicts there will be a good number of handhelds introduced next year with 640-by-480 pixel screens, which will include both Pocket PC and Palm OS models. However, this[...]

Palm Introduces the Zire 71 and the Tungsten C

Palm has debuted two new models that offer features never before seen on Palm OS devices, and at surprisingly low prices.

Review – Garmin iQue 3600 (Palm OS)

So what do you get when you cross a mid-to-high end Palm OS PDA with a Global Positioning System (GPS)? One answer is a surprising new offering from Garmin --[...]

Palm Tungsten E Review and Pictures

Matt Kitchen of has a Palm Tungsten E unit with a review and pictures. The quick specs on the Tungsten E are as follows: 32 MB of RAM[...]

Samsung Announces Innovative Palm OS Smartphone

Updated The SGH-i500 includes Palm OS 5.2, 32 MB of RAM, a 300 MHz processor, and a built-in camera.

SD GPS Receiver Coming in November

An online retailer has announced that the first SD GPS receiver will be available in about two months. It will be compatible with both Palm OS and Pocket PC[...]

Palm OS 6 Goes Native

The next release of the Palm operating system, Palm OS 6, promises to give developers the ability to code "close to the hardware" with its support for native ARM code.[...]

Smart Phone Version of Palm OS 5 Coming Next Year

Even after the release of its replacement, PalmSource will continue development of Palm OS 5. A version especially suited to smart phones is being developed.

Brighthand’s First Look at the Palm Tungsten C

The Tungsten C is the first Palm OS model to include integrated Wi-Fi wireless networking, the first to offer 64 MB of RAM, and the first to use a 400[...]

A Sneak Peek at the Samsung i505 Smart Phone

Additional details are now available on the Samsung SGH-i505, an upcoming smart phone that runs the Palm OS. This device is expected to be available in Europe some time early[...]

Tapwave Announces Palm Powered Handheld for Serious Gamers

People who primarily use their handheld for playing games will soon have a device designed with them in mind. Unlike other portable gaming devices, the Helix will be able[...]

Fossil Wrist PDA Significantly Delayed

Updated Fossil's wristwatch with Palm OS 4 won't be available at the end of this month, after all. Production problems have pushed back the release.

Can PalmSource Survive?

PalmSource faces the daunting task of keeping Microsoft from taking over the handheld market, while at the same time trying to transition the Palm OS into an operating system for[...]

RumorMill™: Additional Info on Upcoming Sony Models

Updated Reportedly, Sony plans to launch the TJ series this fall, consisting of two low-cost handhelds running Palm OS 5.2.

SanDisk Explains Delay of Palm OS Wi-Fi SD Card

SanDisk has given the reasons why the release of a Palm OS driver for its Wi-Fi SD card has been repeatedly delayed and tells when people can expect this to[...]

Samsung Showing Off i505 Palm OS Smart Phone

At a conference in Switzerland, Samsung is demonstrating the SGH-i505, an upcoming smart phone that runs Palm OS 5.2.

Brighthand Reviews the Sony CLIE SJ22

This new Sony model doesn’t break new ground in features but it is the lowest cost Palm OS model with a high-resolution screen.