Palm OS 2005 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Palm OS Articles for 2005

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager

Brighthand staffer Shawn Barnett takes palmOne's latest model for a test drive. He finds a lot to like, including a 4 GB hard drive and Wi-Fi, but this model has[...]

Why the Playstation Portable Isn’t Going to Replace Your Handheld

The Playstation Portable is a very impressive device with plenty of features any Palm OS or Pocket PC user would envy. But Brighthand's Ed Hardy says it isn't going[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard for Palm OS

Brighthand Staffer Shawn Barnett reports on his experiences with the new Palm OS driver for Think Outside's portable Bluetooth keyboard.

Ship of Palm Looking for a New Captain — Part II

(no description)

palmOne Must Not Lose Its Focus Again

It's very important that the biggest Palm OS licensee remember that it's in business to make handhelds and smartphones, and not be distracted by merging with PalmSource.

Brighthand Reviews Extreme Dungeon Game Experience (EDGE)

EDGE is a new role-playing game for the Palm OS. It took several years to develop, but the wait was worth it, as it comes closer than any other handheld[...]

Brighthand’s Coverage of PalmSource DevCon 2005

The focus of the Palm OS world this week was on PalmSource's annual developer's conference, which was held in San Jose.

There’s Still Room for the Palm OS to Take the Lead in VGA

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief believes Windows Mobile's implementation of VGA displays leaves much to be desired, so there's plenty of room for the Palm OS to come out with a better one.

Qool QDA-700 Review

It runs the Palm OS, it's a PDA, it's a phone, but it's NOT a Treo. The Qool QDA-700 is a compelling PDA feature phone for those who want flexibility[...]

Ship of Palm Looking for a New Captain

With the departure of palmOne's CEO, Brighthand staffer Shawn Barnett is wondering whether the Palm flagship is headed for smooth sailing or stormy waters.

Access May Be Planning a New Kind of Smartphone

In this editorial, Ed Hardy tries to explain why Access would want PalmSource, and how it might hope to recoup the large amount of money it paid for the Palm[...]

Say Hello To the Palm TX and Z22

Palm, Inc. has released its lineup of new handhelds for this fall. This includes a new high-end model, the Palm TX, and an entry-level model, the Z22.

Brighthand Reviews Quick News

If you're a Palm OS user interested in listening to podcasts, there's only one name you need to know, no matter what type of handheld you have: Quick News.

First Palm OS Smartphone with 3 Megapixel Camera Announced (Updated)

PiTech has taken the wraps off the world's first Palm OS smartphone to include a three megapixel camera with auto focus and anti hand shaking features.

Despite What You May Have Read, the Palm OS Is NOT Dead (Updated)

An article in the Computer Business Review says that Access Co, Ltd. intends to phase out the Palm OS in the near future. This is completely incorrect.

Fossil’s Palm OS Wrist Watch Now Available

After a very long delay, the Wrist PDA has finally hit the market. Despite its diminutive size, this runs a full version of the Palm OS.

Run Palm OS Applications on a Pocket PC

StyleTap has released a public beta of an application that allows software originally written for Palm OS handhelds to run on Windows Mobile devices.

GSPDA Launches Xplore M68 Palm OS Smartphone

A new Palm OS smartphone from GSPDA is now available in Europe, and is expected to be released in the U.S. later this year.

Garmin Announces Its First GPS-Enabled Pocket PC

After offering Palm OS models for several years, Garmin has just announced the iQue M5, its first GPS-enabled Pocket PC.

UPDATE – Nintendo DS to Include the Palm OS?

A rumor has started circulating that Nintendo has licensed the Palm Operating System from PalmSource. The speculation includes plans to add the Palm OS to Nintendo's DS gaming platform. Nintendo[...]