Palm OS 2009 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Palm OS Articles for 2009

Palm Pre and webOS Preview

At long last, Palm, Inc. has unveiled its new operating system and the first device that will run it. Brighthand's Ed Hardy has been extensively briefed on the webOS and[...]

How To Upgrade Your Smartphone in 1 Minute or Less

Rather than going to the trouble and expense of getting a new model, there's a simple thing most smartphone users can do that's amazingly easy, relatively cheap, and can really[...]

Apple Removes DRM Restrictions from iTunes

Apple announced today that the entire iTunes library will be available without the unpopular restrictions on copying files that were previously in place. This music store also put in place[...]

MotionApps Classic Palm OS Emulator Review

MotionApps Classic is an emulator that allows the Palm Pre to run legacy Palm OS software. Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us this review.

Palm Pre Starting to Arrive at Sprint Stores

Sprint stores are starting to receive the Palm Pre -- a strong sign that the release of this highly-anticipated smartphone is drawing close. Updated

Buy a Refurbished iPhone or BlackBerry from AT&T, Save Money

Want to buy a smartphone but don't want to put down big bucks during these hard economic times? Consider getting something refurbished from AT&T. Some of this carrier'sbest devices, including[...]

StyleTap Considering Creating a Palm OS Emulator for webOS

One of the more controversial features of Palm's new webOS is something it doesn't offer: a way to run Palm OS applications. However, StyleTap may change this, if it finds[...]

It’s Official: No More Palm OS Devices

Palm's CEO confirmed something today many have suspected: there will be no more new models running the Palm OS. Ed Colligan also talked extensively about plans for the webOS --[...]

MotionApps Classic Palm OS Emulator for Palm Pre Preview

MotionApps has announced an emulator that will allow the Palm Pre to run legacy Palm OS software. Brighthand's Ed Hardy was briefed on this upcoming app, and has a video[...]

Palm Unveils the Pre Smartphone

Palm has announced its new Pre smartphone. A touchscreen device with a sliding keyboard, the Pre will use the just as new Palm webOS.

Adobe Flash Player for Smartphones Coming this Fall

Adobe said today that it will release a beta version of its Flash player for some smartphones before the end of this year.

DiskAgent Mobile Can Remotely Disable or Wipe a Stolen Phone

Spearstone has added a smartphone application to its DiskAgent line of products. This allows users to remotely wipe, disable, or lock a device if it is lost or stolen.

Palm Pre Will Be Able to Run Palm OS Apps Thanks to a Third-Party Emulator

Palm, Inc. has just made an announcement that will significantly change how many people look at the Palm Pre: an emulator from MotionApps to allow Palm's upcoming webOSsmartphone to run[...]

Google Voice Could Change Phone Service

The newly-announced Google Voice has the potential to significantly change the way a great many people use their phones. It's a collection of services that individually aren't groundbreaking, but together[...]

Brighthand’s Predictions for 2009

Continuing a long Brighthand tradition, Ed Hardy has once again made some predictions for what's going to happen in the mobile market during the next twelve months.

Google Sync Adds Push Gmail Support

Google has just added a significant new feature to Google Sync, email support. This allows Gmail users to have their messages pushed to their smartphone, as long as the device[...]

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK Will Lead to Better PDFs and Ebooks for Phones

Adobe has released an Adobe Reader Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) which will enable content publishers to create optimized PDFs and ebooks for mobile devices.

MotionApps Classic Palm OS Emulator Gets HotSync Support

MotionApps has just released a new version of its Palm OS emulator for the Palm Pre that brings HotSync support to this webOS-based device. Other enhancements are also included.

Are Mobile Web Browsers Even Necessary?

In light of all the different types of applications that connect to the Internet, and the way we use our mobile devices, Antoine Wright asks, are mobile web browsers necessary?

Details of the First Palm Nova Smartphone Starting to Leak Out

According to rumor, Palm's first device running its new operating system will resemble the iPhone but with a sliding keyboard.