Portable Media Player 2007 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Portable Media Player Articles for 2007

There Might Not Be a Zune Phone After All

Microsoft's CEO recently threw cold water on the idea of a combination Zune and mobile phone. Instead, he expressed support for Windows Mobile.

Microsoft’s Zune Phone Might Not Be As Expected

Microsoft has filed some documents with the FCC that some are taking as additional evidence that this company will release a combination Zune and phone, but it might not be[...]

Bart 1 Mini Peel & Clean Pads Review

Bart 1 Products is now offering a product made to clean smaller portable devices like cell phones, smartphones, GPS receivers, and calculators. Tiffany Boggs brings us this review.

Samsung’s Latest SpinPoint Drive Offers More Storage Capacity, Uses Less Power

Samsung Electronics has announced it will soon begin production of a 160 GB, 2.5-inch hard drive that uses less power than similar drives from its competitors.

iTunes Offering All EMI Music without DRM Protection

EMI Music has announced that it will offer all of its music without the digital rights management (DRM) restrictions that have proved to be unpopular. This will allow these songs[...]

Apple Gets to Use the iPhone Name

Cisco and Apple have announced that they have resolved their dispute over the "iPhone" trademark.