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Popular Productivity Articles for 2013

BlackBerry 10 Software Update Brings Improvements to Performance and Camera

BlackBerry issued a new BlackBerry 10 update today. This adds a number of new features, and is already available on select carriers for download directly to devices.

Google Extends Exchange ActiveSync Support for Gmail

Google recently announced that it is extending support for Exchange ActiveSync until July 31. This is important for Windows Phone jusers, as it's necessary for accessing some Google service on[...]

Nine Cool Cooking Apps for the iPhone

An iPhone can be more useful in the kitchen in than a frying pan, with the right apps. The apps aren't limited to recipes, either. Here are nine of the[...]

Be Safe with the Breathometer — the Smartphone Breathalyzer

Breathometer is going to be the first smartphone breathalyzer. The accessory will quickly and easily measure blood alcohol level with the help of a corresponding application, and easily attach via[...]

Skype Updates iOS App Again, Adding Slick New Calling UI

In the latest of a long string of updates, Skype's app for iPhones and iPads this week got a slicker UI for placing calls, plus new enhancements to chat.

Photoshop Touch Not Just for Tablets, Now Available for iPhone and Android Phones

Adobe is now offering its Adobe Photoshop Touch app for smartphones. This offers powerful Photoshop features with touch-based gestures, and is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Skype Updates Windows Phone 8 App with HD Video and People Hub

A new update to Skype's Windows Phone 8 app brings HD video for higher-end handsets, along with reactivation of the People Hub feature disabled in January.

WeatherBug for iPhone Can Warn You when there’s Lightning in Your Area

The newly redesigned version of the WeatherBug app has a unique feature: it can tell users exactly how far away the nearest lightning is. Video

Stamp Rocket Brings Simple Task Automation to iPhone, iPad

Wisconsin-based SnowShoe has released an app that allows users to automate every-day tasks on an iOS device.

Scout for iPhone Update Offers ETA Sharing and Live Events

Telenav looks to add even more sharing options with its Scout for iPhone navigation app. The free update adds a slew of features including ETA sharing and live events.

The Wait for the Pebble Smartwatch Is Almost Over

Want to check incoming emails, texts, etc. without having to pull out your smartphone? Then the Pebble watch might be right for you. Announced last year, it's about to launch.

Skype Is Headed for BlackBerry 10 Devices, With a Catch

There's good news for users of new BlackBerry smartphones: you'll soon be able to use the free Skype video chat service. However, there is a small caveat.

Google Maps iOS App Adds New Features for Finding People and Places

The Google Maps app for iPhones and iPads added new features this week, aimed at making it easier to find nearby places and contact your friends.

Documents.Me App Review: Connecting the Clouds

TabletPCReview covers an app for iOS that pulls together docs from cloud services, email, and computers into a single space.

Newest Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headsets Unveiled

Jabra today announced its newest Bluetooth headsets, the Jabra Motion series, which were made to make multitasking easier for the employee on the go. More details can be found on[...]

Polaris Office for iOS Gets 80% Price Cut

If you're open to checking out alternative office suites for your iPad or iPhone, Polaris Office for iOS is now downloadable at an 80 percent discount. TabletPCReview has more details.

Google Play Marks Its First Birthday By Giving Out Price Cuts and Freebies

Google Play is celebrating the week of its first birthday by giving out price cuts and freebies on music, movies, books, TV shows, games, and more. TabletPCReview has additional info.

Google Spiffs Up iOS and Android Chrome Browsers

Google has updated its Chrome browsers for Android and iOS, during the same week that its competitor Opera released the beta of a new WebKit-based Android rival. TabletPCReview has more.